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Plesk 6.5 - Serious Installtion Problem, "rollback".

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by omer013, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. omer013

    omer013 Guest

    Hello there, Thanks for enterting my messege,
    this is realy urgent, im thinking about buying Plesk 6.5(windows.. ) but when i downloaded the trial version(the 30 day one..) and i try to install - all the begining is working just fine,
    i see "configuring perl" "configuring python" and then installing,configuring services and everything, just few secs before the blue line gets to the end and installation finished - i get "rolling back" and as it says - it just roll back all the installtion.. and i just can't do nothing, afer it finished("rolling back") i get "error, installtion failed"(bit other syntax but thats what it says - no details or something)

    please help me - its "bit" urgent,
    im stuck without a CP,
    and im realy intrested in buying plesk - but i won't till ill have a working version(even the 1 domain trial..) of plesk..

    * btw: i emailed the support team,
    i got respones "dear omer, have you ever installed plesk before?"
    i replyed "yes, on other server - windows 2000.."
    and since that email i got no reply( that was 3-4 days ago.. )
    - my current os is Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition.

    Thanks Head,
    Have a Nice day,
    Omer Raiter.
  2. kryz2501

    kryz2501 Guest

    We've had this problem only once. when we attempted to reinstall plesk on a server. The errors themselves ( as far as we can tell) were due to the fact that the previous uninstall didn't remove all the installation. Which caused much woe.

    If this isn't a completely clean server ie, a fresh installation i would suggest you nuke the box completely and do a fresh install of windows.

    Otherwise you may have to wait for plesk to come back to you.