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Plesk Error :: Unable to get system shells: Empty error message from utility.

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by GoaKoal, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. GoaKoal

    GoaKoal Guest


    I am using Plesk 7.5.4 on Fedora Core 2. Yesterday i had a problem with one of the subdomains path and while trying to fix that i was looking around in the conf folders and i changed one of the sites httpd.include and httpd.include.new files. ( Actually i couldn't change those 2 files. Even though i did some changes i couldn't save them. Plesk kept on undoing my changes. ) I made backups of those files before making any changes. And in the end i managed to solve the problem with the subdomain.
    But today i realized that i cannot enter any of the domains in my Plesk server. Web sites are working fine but when i try to enter any of the domains ( first clicking Domains from the left menu and then clicking any of the domain names at the right window ) Plesk gives me this error.


    Unable to get system shells: Empty error message from utility.


    0: /usr/local/psa/admin/plib/cmd_server.php3:135 psaerror(string "Unable to get system shells: Empty error message from utility.")
    1: /usr/local/psa/admin/plib/cmd_server.php3:185 get_shell_options()
    2: /usr/local/psa/admin/plib/class.DomainControlForm.php:170 get_shell_lst()
    3: /usr/local/psa/admin/htdocs/domains/dom_ctrl.php3:154 DomainControlForm->assign(object of type BsDomain)

    After that i replaced the httpd.include and httpd.include.new files with the backups. Also i tried these things explained in this forum and the problem still continues.


    I also searched the google for this problem and couldn't find anything.

    B y the way while i was trying to fix the problem with the subdomains i did the things explained in this page. ( Not exactly the same things but very similar. )

    So now i am really desperate and if anyone has any idea/recommendation/solution for this problem
    your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.