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plesk ftp problem

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by ashley1, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. ashley1

    ashley1 Guest

    Hi, i created my first account for my server, i gave it an ftp login and password but i cannot connect to ftp.it gives me the error ""421 service not available, remote server has closed connection."" i did some researches, i followed all steps in the following article http://help.godaddy.com/article.php?article_id=1587&topic_id=281#higher ,but it did not help. when i checked the log file using# less /var/log/messages | grep proftp i get many lines of " - Fatal: ScoreboardFile: : unable to use '/var/run/proftpd.scoreboard': Operation not permitted on line 53 of '/etc/proftpd.conf' "
    can anyone help please,
  2. cyrusak

    cyrusak Guest

    Have you activated SSH for the account? If yes, you must use port 22 (SFTP) as an option to login. Also try to not to have server path. I also found some ftp software have problem to login to plesk. I Use transmit (www.panic.com/transmit) . Also make sure port 21 is not filtered by firewall. I had this problem before if these didn’t help let me know.
  3. ashley1

    ashley1 Guest

    Ftp Button Is Not Showing On Plesk

    Hi, my FTP is working fine now, the problem was on proftpd config file, but now the FTP button does not show on plesk,
    does any one have any idea how to add ftp button to my plesk,
    thank you,

    (sorry i have plesk8.2, i put my question in wrong page)
  4. devned

    devned Guest

    I have the same problem and error.

    Can you please tell me what the problem was with the config file?

    Thank you very much
  5. web_connect

    web_connect Guest

    Re:proftpd ScoreboardFile error

    The problem probably is that the directory that scoreboard would be in, is world writable. Chmod it to 644. You can also try to give it the user/group ownership which is indicated in the config file.

    - Justin Turner
    J2 Web Systems