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Plesk on 4 servers with balanced web and mail?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by dave.webb, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. dave.webb

    dave.webb Guest

    Hi all.

    I am new to Plesk and am about to trial it for my web and email hosting services. Before I do, I' like to ask a few questions to see if it will do what I want, and find out which applications work best with it.

    My existing setup consists of 2 web servers and 2 mail servers, all running independantly with no redundancy or load balancing. All run Windows Web Server 2003 (32bit).

    I now have 4 new servers with Windows Web Server 2008 (64bit) and want to totally replace what I have now, with fully redundant and balanced services. Ideally I'd like to use 2 servers for web and 2 for mail, with the data replicated so that I have true load balancing and redundancy. So if one mail server dies people can still send and received without knowing about any problems. Same for web.

    If you currently have something like this all set up and working I'd be grateful to hear which applications you use (such as SmarterMail or MailEnable) to achieve this and how you replicate the data for redundancy. I also need to take things like SQL and stats into consideration.

    If possible, I want to manage all 4 servers through Plesk (installed on each if necessary) and when I setup a new account it automatically knows which servers to create the mail accounts on and set up the web site on.

    Many thanks,

    P.S. I have tried contacting Parallels but of the 3 emails I sent them only 1 received a reply telling me they'll reply soon. I also tried calling but possibly due to time differences I am yet to call them and speak to somebody.
  2. MobileNow

    MobileNow Guest

    Plesk won't let you do the load balancing thing natively. If you're goign to do load balancing, get a Kemp or F5 for load balancing and throw that in front of your web servers.