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pleskbackup consumes all resources on FreeBSD 5.4 + PSA8.0

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by albl, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. albl

    albl Guest


    I upgraded my FreeBSD server from 7.54 to 8 today and altered my backup scripts to use pleskbackup.

    Whenever I run
    nice -n 19 pleskbackup it halts my FreeBSD 5.4 server to a crawl.

    figured that priority is not the cause of the slowness, when pleskbackup is running it consumes all avaialble memory (512 MB) and starts to swap excessively and the total number of processes is ! 694 (normally around 60-70)

    last pid: 46365; load averages: 2.66, 1.28, 0.65 up 0+05:03:21 01:52:45
    694 processes: 5 running, 672 sleeping, 17 zombie
    CPU states: 3.5% user, 35.0% nice, 9.7% system, 0.4% interrupt, 51.4% idle
    Mem: 318M Active, 29M Inact, 116M Wired, 22M Cache, 59M Buf, 976K Free
    Swap: 1536M Total, 272M Used, 1264M Free, 17% Inuse, 628K In, 248K Out

    45240 root 128 19 1552K 760K RUN 0:25 11.38% 11.38% gzip
    45241 root 123 19 17024K 4096K RUN 0:15 6.84% 6.84% perl5.8.8
    45239 root 123 19 17668K 5076K RUN 0:17 5.76% 5.76% perl5.8.8

    on my other server with FC3 pleskbackup runs normally. I wonder if yesterday's update to pleskbackup in autoupdater has not been propagated to FreeBSD yet (PSA developers, please comment).