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problem with MySQL and PHP on SLES9 after upgrade to 4.1

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by gbguy, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. gbguy

    gbguy Guest

    Ok. Here's the problem. First with the instruction of swsoft technical support I upgraded mysql on sles9 64bit from mysql-4.0.18 to MySQL-4.1.18.

    1. uninstalled mysql 4.0 with rprm -e
    2. got rpm exactly for my sles9 from mysql.com (MySQL-.....rpm), notice the difference in names between mysql and MySQL
    3. installed new rpms
    4. updated mysql using mysql_fix_privileges_tables

    MySQL started as it should. plesk panel is working great. but only after a couple of weeks I noticed that there's something wrong:

    1. I cannot do any update from Plesk Panel because plesk is trying to install old mysql- rpms (it just doesn't see MySQL- rpms). thus every update crashes with conflicts problem before it starts. Technical support is now recommending me to make all upgrades manually (and this is pain in the ***).

    2. All websites that used mysql don't work. They just cannot connect to mysql. In phpinfo there's no mysql anymore. Technical support recommended me to recompile php. But since it's already 2 months as I bought Plesk they cannot offer me support on this so I have to pay money to get the instructions.

    3. I tried to downgrade to mysql 4.0 by uninstalling Mysql 4.1 and installing original rpms. mysql just failed to start. I read on some forums that 4.1 changes tables structure so it's a big trouble to downgrade mysql.

    4. when I try to unisntall php4 or php4-mysql rpms and install them again I get message: Failed dependencies: libmysqlclient.so12() (64bit) is needed by php4-mysql-...

    So what I have now after upgrading mysql: I cannot make updates in plesk anymore, mysql is not working on any website, I cannot change it back, technical support is not able to help me (at least without me paying them).

    Can somebody please advise what I should do because I am thinking about a new reinstall of linux and plesk. Sorry, I am not a specialist in linux. I saw several problems like mine of this forum but none of the threads end up with solution. I hope this one will finally find a solution and help other people.