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Problem with "sessions.MYD"

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by simoryl, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. simoryl

    simoryl Guest

    When i want to log in to my plesk, i've got this message :

    Unable to query: Can't find file: 'sessions.MYD' (errno: 2) 0: /usr/.../.../common_func.php3:2 psaerror(string "Unable to query: Can't find file: 'sessions.MYD' (errno: 2)") 1: /usr/.../.../class.Session.php:2 db_query(string "select * from sessions where sess_id="5a373f793....10da187b9" and click_time >= NOW() - INTERVAL 1800 SECOND") 2: /usr/.../.../class.Session.php:2 session->isexpired() 3: /usr/.../.../auto_prepend/auth.php3:2 session->init(string "84.**.**.117")

    May you help me please?
  2. simoryl

    simoryl Guest

    I tried to drop and create table sessions (like for plesk 7.0) but Plesk reply :

    class.SessList.php:2 psaerror(string "Unable to query: Unknown column 'sess.ip_address' in 'field list'")

    Can you help me please?