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Problems with backingup/restoring backups

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by Weissbierwaldi, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. Weissbierwaldi

    Weissbierwaldi Guest


    i just installed a new linux on my server.

    Before i backuped all clients manually on a ftp-server. Than i made an backup of all clients via console.

    Than after the installation was complete i upgraded Plesk to the old version (8.1.1).
    Than i restored the backup off all clients via console. No errors ocoured during restore.

    After the backup was complete i found out, that some domains don't have their old files in the httpdocs and httpsdocs, only the standard files.

    So I resored every client seperate from the ftp-server. This worked fine except one domain. There mysql said, that one key is bigger than 1000 byte or something like that.

    I solved this error.
    I had to set the database encoding to latin_general_ci before it was utf8_general_ci.
    Than i opened the backup on my pc and i had to copy the database and insert it manually.

    But later i wondered why i couldn't post on a forum which was on one domain.
    So i looked at the database and i saw that all auto-increment colums and on-update-set-current-timestamp options where missing.
    And now all scripts don't work because this error.
    I have to create the tables new and insert the old content.

    Is it a bug, that plesk makes incomplete backups of a mysql database?
    And why didn't plesk restore all the files from all clients correctly?

    If this is errors happen with every backup i won't take them with plesk anylonger.