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proxy wont work if firewall is enabled

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by palle, Dec 27, 2004.

  1. palle

    palle Guest

    Hi, i have a little probs with the firewall. several website visitors complained about that they could see the website after i turned on the firewall. if they turn off their proxy server it works fine. i opened the port 8080 and 3128 at the pfwmng.js file. but when i scan the ports with the port scanner it tells me that the port is still closed. does anybody have an idea or had the same problem and solved it differently? thanks!
  2. cviviani

    cviviani Guest

    we had also different problems with firewall and it switched off

    we tested different firewall short overview:

    one must be afraid each update, since it switches off at one time haven
    we need the server to ping much complicates to make

    zone alarm:

    we made the best experiences with tinyfirewall

    there are still many to test firewall however everything is a large work and in such a way we remained with tinyfirewall.
    if you updates make always can you it off switch and hope that Microsoft one firewall solution brings as with xp sp2.
  3. palle

    palle Guest

    i have no installed the tiny firewall. and sometime it blocks traffic for no reason. i dont know maybe i did some settings wrong. but it's kind wiered. ok if i empty the cache of my browser and try to browse a domain which is hosted on the system. i receive a message which says that this domain in not available. and if enter the domain and hit the browse button one more time the site appears. after that the domain is reachable until i empty the cache again. and sometimes the domain is reachable but the page get displayed wrong or uncomplete. but this happens mostly after the system was up and running for more than 1 day. realy strange. do you have an idea what i made wrong?
  4. cviviani

    cviviani Guest

    it gives many causes which it to be can !

    many are itself not consciously that that no problem of plesk is - it is from the current application. like service unavailable etc causes can be php, Perl, other isapi filters, dns, asp wrong ado use, (pentium hyperthreadin where with the task change under win2003 (not XP and linux) errors causes (cmd) mostly php perl cgi).

    which I can do from here test your web page and the server (dns links openport security http).

    in addition I need the host name, IP and domainname. most beginners forget these elementary indicated to publish. or indicate only the names, so that I can still look for then the IP. Sigmund Freud says to that "His majesty the baby". it would be more simply first once even the manual to read ,fqa and search in this forum.