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Qmail queue growing and gowing

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by kevork, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. kevork

    kevork Guest


    As I read around forum and kb, this problem has "touched" more than one admin.
    As I read also, I could not find any proper "recipe" to handle qmail queue.

    I am on Plesk 8.6 / FC4.

    I am really "scared" to upgrade panel, after read so many problems arround it.
    When an issue stops services, is a big problem.

    What I can not understand is why this happend.
    This is not a free software.

    Besides that "little" problem, panel is very good but very hard to admins in certain critical things, like mail.

    "Mail queue" on "Mail" on "Server" is only a nice (but slow) frontend to queue that only permits filtering to see and eventually delete some mails.

    Antispam is hard also.
    It is impossible to set up RBL check, because clients are rejected.
    Also read, some people say tell users use the "other" port. This is not always practical.

    There is not a way to "teach" antispam with server side criteria, although spamassassin has this possibilitty.

    I think some things like this might not depend on us, admins, to be fixed using (painful) experience.

    Why we must require paid support when problems came from issues ?, even more when panel is under leasing ?.

    Excuseme I do not understand this.
    I have a problem, as many other could have, but there is --apparently-- any way to fix it.

    Am I wrong ?.

    Thanks !.