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Rejecting mail to nonexistent users

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by chuckmelanson, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. chuckmelanson

    chuckmelanson Guest

    We just received our latest plesk 7.5.1 server (we've been running 6.5 for awhile) and we've been examining patches for qmail for rejecting mail to non-existent rcpt's.

    I've also just read the latest release notes for Plesk that say that this functionality is available, but neither myself nor our mail-admins can seem to find the checkbox in the Plesk interface to enable it; nor can we find anything on Google to suggest a "how do i setup xyz" for the rejection of email to invalid recepients.

    We get about 10k spam a day of wardailing various recipients across our domains, this would be a lifesaver if we could find the checkbox!

    Anyone out there with a PDF/Doc/Howto/Screencap?

  2. CBiLL

    CBiLL Guest

    You have to go into each domain email setting and it's in there ..

    No, there is no "global" setting or "Serverwide" setting for reject emails .. need to be set for each domains ..

  3. chuckmelanson

    chuckmelanson Guest


    This is exactly what we've been looking for. Too bad we were always looking at it from a "global" side. (I think we had an aversion to going into 150 domains and clicking checkboxes).

    Thanks for your quick response.

  4. nero0247

    nero0247 Guest

    Great feature!

    After activating the reject feature for the domains I went from 7865 messages in the queue to 36. This is something that will reduce the load!
  5. chuckmelanson

    chuckmelanson Guest

    Its a shame I can't upgrade one of our older mail platforms, it *always* has 7000+ in the queue. It's to the point that I have TCL scripts running every 30 minutes to shut down qmail and do a 'qmail-remove <insert fav spam subject line here>', then start it back up.

  6. gottawonder

    gottawonder Guest

    Does the "rejection" happen prior to qmail -scanner processing the email? I'm currently dumping on the improperly addressed mail to a black hole, but it has to still be processed by SpamAssassin first (Plesk 6.0)...I'm considering this as the single thing that would tempt me to upgrade from my current "got all the bugs worked out" system....

  7. NightStorm

    NightStorm Guest

    Just a bit of a time-saver to point out... instead of going domain-to-domain and making the changes, use the "Group settings" in the domain listing... place a tickmark next to all domains, then click on the "Group" link right above the list... it will let you make the changes to all the domains at once... mind you, it may take a few minutes for the page to run once you are done, but it's still a Hell of a lot faster than going one by one, and easier than working out the SQL syntax.
  8. ideawire_bb

    ideawire_bb Guest

    Excellent suggestion. This has drastically reduced our server load in processing wasted emails.
  9. rrmccabe

    rrmccabe Guest

    Sorry for newbie question, but how do you monitor que size?