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Removing Directories With Content In Them

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by Superman859, May 7, 2007.

  1. Superman859

    Superman859 Guest

    I want to remove directories that have content in them. I used to be able to do this using the file manager, but not it always gives me the error saying permission denied - cannot remove directory.

    I realize I can use SSH and do it, but I will be setting up sites and domains for clients, who will not know Unix commands at all. They need to use the file manager.

    How can I get it to simply delete the directory along with all contents after they click remove selected and confirm it?

    Like I said, I believe it used to do this, but for some reason it won't anymore.

    Here is a snippet of the error:

    Error: Unable to remove file /httpdocs//var/www/vhosts/easy-membership.com/httpdocs/includes: filemng failed: rm: cannot remove directory `/var/www/vhosts/easy-membership.com/httpdocs/includes/adodb': Permission denied
    rm: cannot remove `/var/www/vhosts/easy-membership.com/httpdocs/includes/agent_browser.php': Permission denied
    rm: cannot remove `/var/www/vhosts/easy-membership.com/httpdocs/includes/agent_os.php': Permission denied

    I'm logged in as administrator for Plesk.
  2. defencer

    defencer Guest

    Plesk File Manager works with privileges of the FTP user. So if you have directories and files, that belongs to other users, then File Manager have no enough privileges to remove such files.

    I suppose you have copied that files under root privileges. If so, then only root user can remove them.
  3. poke

    poke Guest

    Yeah, have these folders just so happened to be copied by root?

    If so, you need to setup the folder perms for this account properly. I'm pretty sure it is around 25 - 30 chown commands to fix this.

    If you create domains in the future, you should not get this error in the file manager.
  4. Superman859

    Superman859 Guest

    Hmm...is root for virtuozzo and admin for Plesk control panel different?

    They were probably created with root via SSH. I know all directories were rwx for root, but nobody else had write permissions.

    When logged into Plesk, it's always as admin, which gives me full control over all the domains. I guess admin is not the same as root, so I didn't have permissions.
  5. defencer

    defencer Guest

    admin for Plesk control panel is not a system user at all. This is user inside control panel only.

    When you use filemanager in some domain, even if you do this under plesk admin, you still have domain's FTP user credentials, cause all filemanager's processes start under that FTP user.
  6. Superman859

    Superman859 Guest

    Alright, that makes sense. Thanks.