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Routing Problem?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by rank1st, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. rank1st

    rank1st Guest

    Hi All,

    Got a problem on one of my servers that appears to be some sort of routing issue. Last week, I noticed I got a mail bounce that said it originally went out on an IP address that it should not have. Now I am having lots of trouble with this. Here is the setup.

    I have one server - 3 ips configured.
    IP #1 x.x.x.a is the shared virtual hosting adapter.
    IP #2 x.x.x.b is for a specific client
    IP #3 x.x.x.c is for a specific client

    In the past mail has always gone out on x.x.x.a, but now it appears to be going out exclusively on x.x.x.b. I also run a registration process for domains that needs to go out on a certain ip (x.x.x.a) and has worked in the past, but is now going out on x.x.x.b

    I did a route -nr and it shows in the routing table routes from x.x.x.b and x.x.x.c to the default gateway but not x.x.x.a.

    x.x.x.a is a dhcp acquired ip and it seems to be working, responding to pings etc but for some reason any communication going out from the machine goes out on x.x.x.b by default all of the sudden. Anyone have any pointers for me or possible fixes? Should I just add a route for x.x.x.a?