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Setting up DNS from start to end

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by simonp@, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. simonp@

    simonp@ Guest


    I am having issues understanding what to do to setup plesk to me by primary DNS and have the secondary DNS pointing to a different ip. I am really confused and any help would be much appreciated.

    What I have done so far is (and images attached):

    *) asked the registrar to set the domain 'digiadsusa.com' to be a authoritive DNS server on the internet
    *) add the 1st domain 'digiadsusa.com' to plesk (which will be the domain used for the the primary dns ns.digiadsusa.com)
    *) added 2 'A' records under this domain as 1) ns.digiadsusa.com pointing to server domain 2) ns1.digiadsusa.com pointing to different ip
    *) added 2 'NS' records as ns.digiadsusa.com and ns1.digiadsusa.com
    *) in SERVER DNS - added the 2 'NS' records - so:
    a) host value is empty for each domain using this template
    b) value is set to the 2 name servers mentioned above

    Now I am not sure if what have done is right and if it enougt to setup the site right and so that the additional domains that I add will work with the plesk 'DNS zone template'.

    Can someone let me know if what I have done is right and makes sense as I am very confused.

    EBHAUK Guest

    OK ... checking the DNS Report ... there appear to be a few issues. The nameservers for your domain 'ns1.digiadsusa.com' +'ns2.digiadsusa.com' point to the same IP address, your domain should be delegated to 2 different IPs.

    Also, the Nameserver records in the DNS zones in plesk need to have the same nameserver addresses as above.
  3. simonp@

    simonp@ Guest

    Hi EBHAUK,

    Thanks very much for that. All is now working and the domains are now running. It was all new to me and your help was invaluable.


    EBHAUK Guest

    You're welcome