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Setting Up Virtuozzo Hardware Node In Plesk Billing?? Help Me!!

Discussion in 'Plesk 9.x for Linux Issues, Fixes, How-To' started by lightning-torrents, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. lightning-torrents

    lightning-torrents Guest

    Ok So I Have Been At This For Three Days...Rang Parallels And Still Got Not Answer,

    I Have Installed Plesk Billing On A VPS (Hosted On A Virtuozzo Server) With Plesk Installed It Requires The Settings Below:-

    Server Name:
    Enabled: Yes/ No(Radio Button)

    Virtuozzo Username:
    Virtuozzo Password:
    Virtuozzo URL:
    Port Number:

    The Settings I Have Entered Are:-

    Server Name: Company Name - Server 1
    Enabled: Yes
    Virtuozzo Username: Root
    Virtuozzo Password: MYROOTPASSWORD
    Virtuozzo URL: ***.***.***.***
    Port Number: 4433

    For The Virtuozzo URL: I Have Also Tried A Web Address

    Also For The Port I Have Also Tried 4643, 8443, 80

    It Wont Even Retrive The Server Load

    However The Plesk Addin Works Fine With Similar Settings, And Before I Am Asked The IP And Address I Am Using Is Pointing At The Virtuozzo Hardware Node

    Thank You For Any Help You May Be Able To Give Me
  2. lightning-torrents

    lightning-torrents Guest

    There Must Be An Answer For This :(
  3. lightning-torrents

    lightning-torrents Guest

    It Seems The Plesk 8.6 Billing Center Dosent Quite Work :S, I upgraded To Plesk 9 And the Plesk 9 billing Center And It Has Worked Completly But The Center Is A Pain In The *** To Setup But Finally Got There :)