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Should I upgrade to Plesk 8.0?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by jplotzke, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. jplotzke

    jplotzke Guest

    OK... I've read a bunch of scary posts which are holding me back from trying the upgrade. I'm running FC3 with Plesk 7.5.4 (with latest hotfix) -- The 7.5.4 install was on a clean server.

    What's the recommendation? Should I attempt the upgrade? I'm assuming that since my 7.5.4 was on a clean install that I should have all the dependencies. Has anyone else had good expiriences upgrading on FC3?

    Thanks for all your help!

  2. NightStorm

    NightStorm Guest

    I would wait as long as possible. 7.5.4 worked. It worked well.
    8.0.0 is ****... instead of fixing any problems that may have been present, they focused on adding things that are completely useless, and broke what used to work just fine. What they didn't break, they chose to remove "until later".
    8.0.0 is a waste of time, space, and most importantly, server resources.
  3. albans

    albans Regular Pleskian

    Nov 29, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Don't upgrade yet!

    Since the update, I've been experiencing problems after problems... I'm always contacting the SWSoft support, and they fix them, day by day...

    I've the feeling of being a beta tester for this new version...
  4. DCoats

    DCoats Guest

    We had numerous problems with the upgrade process on freebsd5.4 , sw-soft tried 3 different unreleased builds of plesk8 finally we got it all working, after patching up borked permissions on all domains, (ie; almost every domains files were owned by another user other than the the correct one) we have everything fixed up and working quite well.
  5. chrisl@

    chrisl@ Guest

    I agree with the above posts. Don't upgrade yet. Wait till 8.1 comes out and they have worked out all the bugs. I broke my rule of not waiting for the .1 version of new products and I am paying for it now. I have gotten my server fairly stable now but had to work through a lot of bugs and unknowns. A lot of my problems were changes to how things work that broke scripts I had outside of plesk not really problems with plesk itself but there was nothing documenting these things had changed for me to know what happened.
  6. couldix

    couldix Guest

    Don't upgrade

    Don't upgrade to Plesk 8.0.0. I work in debian 3.1 and after the update, several problems have appeared with qmail, drweb and watchdog
  7. ldejager

    ldejager Guest

    Anyone know approximately when 8.1 will be released?

    Have 8.0 installed on server waiting to be deployed but would rather wait for 8.1 which hopefully will have all the nasty bugs fixed and ftp backups.
  8. jusu313

    jusu313 Guest

    Don't do it! Plesk 8 is absolutely garbage. We have had nothing but issues with it. Performance seems to have degraded tremendously from 7.5.4.
  9. ldejager

    ldejager Guest

    Just out of curiosity.. did you do an upgrade or was it a fresh install thats giving you grief?