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Spam assassin problems and domain keys with hmailserver

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by xbipin, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. xbipin

    xbipin Guest


    i have the plesk 8.6 panel for windows installed and i use the hmailserver as mail server but the problem is spam assassin in plesk says server wide spam filtering can only be enabled and not per user so i selected that and set score to 9 now what happens is spamassassin scans outgoing mails also from my mail accounts and marks that even spam so first can any1 tell me how to switch off spam filtering for outgoing mails, secondly some1 plz tell me the perfect settings for spamassassin as with my old hosting company it was set perfectly that hardly i used to get any spam but with plesk it seems a bit too tough to get it working perfectly and that also on a windows server. One more thing, i think domain keys isnt working fine as i think its not isgning outgoing mails.
  2. elimedesign

    elimedesign Guest

    I am not sure about everything you said but hMail does not allow mailbox based spam filtering. hMail only allows server side settings at this time. I have been told many times that you have to train Spamassassin and I have found no way to train it. I was then told to train with blacklists and whitelists but who has the time to block thousands of emails through the blacklists. Parallels should make an easier way for us to train spam assassin via the Plesk control panel.

    I am not sure about the domain key issue.