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Spam filter / Spam Assassin

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by CBiLL, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. CBiLL

    CBiLL Guest

    I have been running Plesk for several months now and have one of those Spam Assissan "Addon" from Sw-Soft but what puzzles me that I can't enable or disable spam filter in Plesk 7.5.1 unless I delete the email account and recreate it with it enable or disabled ...

    I can't remember if I had to do that in older version Plesk but I would think it kinda strange of having to recreate the email account each time you want to enable or disable spam filtering for that email account ..

    Clicking on spam trashcan icon with "ON" only take you to spam filter setting in 7.5.1 .. if you create an email account and not select spam filtering .. it will show faded trashcan icon with "OFF" next to it which is not clickable at all .. so it can't be turn on from there unless you delete and recreate the email account with spam filter enabled .. you can't even enable it in email preference .. it not in there ... only in "Create new email"

    So I am not sure if it something I missed or a bug or it always been that way ...

    If it always been that way then at least it should be toggleable off/on via a link intead of having to recreate the email account each time you want to toggle it on or off ..

  2. gezi

    gezi Guest

    Long time since that post - - - are there any answers?
    I have the problem that I have email boxes with lots of aliases and it would be a pain to delete and recreate them with SA on.

    So, anybody with an idea on how to get that grayed trash can for SA into a clickable?

  3. dspangen

    dspangen Guest

    This still exists in 8.0. Is there any sort of a workaround to this? After a server migration to a server that by accident hadn't had Spamassassin installed yet, all of the mail accounts on that server now have Spamassassin disabled.
  4. jriordan

    jriordan Guest


    just to let readers of this thread know, i was looking for some info on this myself and found the answer in another thread ...

    kudos to veronas for working out that slightly obscure function ;)