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SpamAssassin - How Do I Train?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by rmmoore80, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. rmmoore80

    rmmoore80 Guest

    My 7.5 installation of Plesk for Windows seems to be doing good but I can't figure out how to train SpamAssassin. It does not work. Is it missing or is this module not working in 7.5?
  2. superm0nk

    superm0nk Guest

    I'd also like to know this.
  3. rmmoore80

    rmmoore80 Guest

    There HAS to be a way, has anyone gotten SpamAssassin to work with a default installation? I really need to get this working.
  4. webbit

    webbit Guest

    no spam assasin training icons

    I am also missing the Spam Assasin Training icons.

    I can change the white and black list and the hit level but no icon for training SA.

    Does anyone have this feature working in 7.5.2 for windows?

  5. rmmoore80

    rmmoore80 Guest

    Does yours even work at all? Mine doesn't...

    I found out how to train...but I still can't get it to work. I need more Spam and Ham files. I need 200 spam mail and 200 ham (good) mail. You have to use sa-learn --spam c:\SpamLocation from your servers command prompt where the location is a directory you are storing your sample spam in. If someone can find me 200 pieces of spam AND 200 pieces of good mail in MailEnable's *.mai format then I can make a writeup on how to do this if I can get it to work. I have 130 spam trained and 30 ham trained but it still does not work.
  6. rmmoore80

    rmmoore80 Guest

    I found a database of spam, about 3000 Spam and 3000 NonSpam. I'll test it out and if I can get mine to work I will create a write up and post it here. I'll also send it to SWsoft so they can include it with the documentation so hopefully people can do this easier in the future.
  7. renhack

    renhack Guest

    Where did you find the spam/ham? I've been looking for some sample spam for a while.
  8. rmmoore80

    rmmoore80 Guest

    I went to google.com and did a search for:

    Directory of "Sample Spam" and got this url:

    http://ftp.novell.com/pub/forge/nw-assp/Sample Spam Database/

    It's a tar zip file that contains two directories, one is Spam the other is NonSpam. About 2800 of each. Be sure you rename the file from *.tgz.gz to *.tar.gz or Winzip won't open it.

    Download that on your server. Then use the SpamAssassin help files to figure out how to do training. Ie: From command prompt in the SpamAssassin directory type sa-learn --spam d:\Spam for Spam or sa-learn --nonspam d:\NonSpam for NonSpam. Replace location with what you need.

    In my case, I stored my Spam in d:\spam and nonspam in d:\NonSpam.
  9. renhack

    renhack Guest

    Thanks for the followup.

    I allready have the spam training knowledge. Worked as an email admin for an isp previous to the hosting industry. I just have slim pickins for HAM examples.

    This helps alot.
  10. rmmoore80

    rmmoore80 Guest

    You're welcome. PLEASE let me know if yours starts flagging Spam or not. I have yet to get any spam since running the training, so I haven't had the opportunity to see.
  11. renhack

    renhack Guest

    I just finished training. Im using the spambayes plugin for outlook so I'll have to turn that off for a few days. I'll keep you posted.
  12. rmmoore80

    rmmoore80 Guest

    Thank you. I will do the same and keep everyone here posted.
  13. rmmoore80

    rmmoore80 Guest

    Anyone get this to work yet? I've trained 3k spam and 3k nonspam and it still isn't flagging anything, correctly or not.
  14. SecondPhase

    SecondPhase Guest

    individual user training

    Hi, i'm trying to so some traninig on a new SA installed server. sa-learn from the command line looks like it will work with a system wide setup since it looks for files in ~/.spamassassin but with the Plex/Qmail multiuser email setup, each user has Bayes files and the --username option does not seem to work with qmail accounts..

    One idea might be to run sa-learn on a system users to create bayes-.. files then copy them to each user location. Or can system wide bayes- files from another server by copies on?? anybody know if this is a good idea or will cause problems?


    FYI: i'm not on a windows machine but Plesk/Fedora 2 didn't realize i had latched a thread in the windoze forum.
  15. atinoco

    atinoco Guest

    Hello guys, I'm kinda new to spamassassin, but im very interested in fine tuning it for my spam fighting needs.

    I've setup SA via plesk to mark spam with a 5 score, also installed some SARE SA Rules and they are working fine. But I get false positives every once in a while

    I've been reading about training for quite a while but i havent tried to do it yet.

    I understand that I require samples of spam and ham messages to do this, my question its this, how do i extract these spam samples from Outlook 2003, anybody have any experience with this?

    Thanks in Advance
  16. atinoco

    atinoco Guest

    Some more info:

    I also don't have spamassassin enabled serverwide, I enabled it only to "personal settings".

    is it possible to specify to which email box the training is done? my plan its to collect spam & ham samples from my personal email and then just train SA for my personal needs (just for my email box). I dont want my bayessian trainign to affect the other perople hosted in my server

    I run Plesk 7.5.6 on Windows 2003 Server

    Thanks in Advance
  17. jovana

    jovana Regular Pleskian

    May 31, 2006
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    What did you do to make this rules working? In which directory did copy this rules files?