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The connection to the server was interrupted

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by pixel, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. pixel

    pixel Guest

    Error :
    Mail - "The connection to the server was interrupted" We receive the following message RANDOMLY time

    Error reported by Outlook:
    Task 'email@address.com = Sending and Receiving' reported error (0x800CCC0F): 'The connection to the server was interrupted. If this problem continues, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP). The server responded: +OK 2668 octets follow.'

    #tail -f /usr/local/psa/var/log/maillog | grep ERR | grep LOGOUT

    Aug 26 13:44:50 MyServer pop3d: IMAP connect from @ [XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX]ERR: 1219747490.289249 LOGOUT, user=myuser1@domain1.com, ip=[XX.XX.XX.XX], top=0, retr=0, time=1, rcvd=12, sent=39, maildir=/usr/local/psa/qmail/mailnames/domain1.com/myuser1/Maildir
    Aug 26 13:44:56 MyServer pop3d: IMAP connect from @ [XX.XX.XX.XXX]ERR: 1219747496.810599 LOGOUT, user=myuser2@domain2.com, ip=[XX.XXX.XXX.XXX], top=0, retr=0, time=0, rcvd=12, sent=39, maildir=/usr/local/psa/qmail/mailnames/domain2.com/myuser2/Maildir

    PLESK 8.4
    domains :
    around 200 domains

    this happen after fresh install of 8.4 and migration the domains from second PLESK server
  2. hardweb

    hardweb Guest

    This looks to be a socket connection issue, I do not believe it's related to the server. Could happen only if the server crashes.
  3. pixel

    pixel Guest

    yeah it could be

    do you have any solution of this ? ,

    I'm thinking to reformat the server and downgrade the PLESK version from 8.4 to 8.3