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This is a BIG "how do i?"

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by chiefmasterjedi, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. chiefmasterjedi

    chiefmasterjedi Guest

    Hi all,
    I know how annoying this can be to some but i'm a complete noob and need alot of answers or just useful links to the information i seek.
    I have a VPS with godaddy.com and plesk 7.5.3. . The reason i went for the VPS was i wanted alot of webspace and bandwidth for a site i'm launching and the VPS was alot cheaper and more versatile than alot of high bandwidth single hosting plans.
    Setting up the Admin, clients and Domains was quite easy. The DNS stuff was a first for me but after a few hours of google searches and reading, i got to grips with it, but all the other stuff like RPM's, SSH, Root access, scripting, cron jobs etc. has completely lost me and google searches just don't seem to help.

    What would be great, if someone could explain (in plain English) how to back-up my VPS, domains and mail with out using the plesk back up and i don't mean by just throwing a few lines of scripting at me. I mean the whole 9 yards, what programs i need? script for back up all, back-up all domains, back up single domain, how to set a cron job to do this for me..........once a week for the VPS and at midnight for all the domains, plus i have a back up FTP which is the same size as my VPS, how do i back it up to this and then restore it or just general restore from a local directory.

    And now for the big one............what are RPMs? i take it they are ready made install/upgrade scripts? what do i need to do to upgrade/install using these?

    Once again i'm sorry to those who find these sort of questions annoying and trust me i'm not lazy when it comes to seeking knowledge but to hear it in plain English from the people who use these features everyday is a big help to a novice like myself. I did check this forum for "sticky" posts cause i'm sure i'm not the first or last to ask these questions but i couldn't find anything.

    I'll appreciate any help i can get, thank you in advance.

    P.S. i should have mentioned my VPS is running on the Red Hat Fedora Core 2 with the plesk pro pack
  2. JD Austin

    JD Austin Guest

    I think you should hire someone to set it up for you or purchase backup services from godaddy if they offer them.
  3. Cranky

    Cranky Guest

    If it helps, we can offer Plesk VPS's with full management at competitive pricing.
  4. eWebtricity

    eWebtricity Guest

  5. chiefmasterjedi

    chiefmasterjedi Guest

    Thank you very much for your help but i'm no longer with godaddy.com, i wont go into too much detail but their customer service is terrible and they seem to have less knowledge about their products than i do. They made a mistake on the VPS while trying to sort out a minor problem for me and left the server in-operable for nearly 3 days, they never did get it fixed.

    Now i've got a VPS with JB webhosting and wow what a difference, excellent customer support, the whole account was setup properly and they even configured my DNS template so the VPS is ready to go as soon as you sign in. TOP MARKS!

    I will still read the links you left me but as far as updating my server programs, JB webhosting does it all for me automatically.

    Thanks for the help,