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Uninstalling certain plesk packages

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by webunity, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. webunity

    webunity Guest


    How do i uninstall these packages?
    - Sitebuilder
    - Tomcat
    - Java Shell
    - DR. Web

    I want to remove dr web because i have another antivirus sollution (from 4psa). Drweb is taking up resources as well as java, so i want to remove them. I also don't need sitebuilder atm so i want to uninstall that also.
  2. k.satirli

    k.satirli Guest


    you could try

    rpm -e tomcat

    to find the name of the rpm and then use:

    rpm -q tomcatxxxxxxx.rpm where the X is the name. Beware it has 3 or 4 dependencies that need to be uninstalled as well.

    for the other packages, just replace the tomcat in rpm -e tomcat with the name of the package you want to uninstall.

    check Plesk Components section to see if its still listed
  3. webunity

    webunity Guest

    Thanx, it worked
  4. k.satirli

    k.satirli Guest

    you're welcome.

    I've only recently started using plesk so I dont know how the updates will be. I guess if things turn out bad, the updater will reinstall everything.

    so you'd probably have to reapply the steps.

    let us know how it worked out :)