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Upgrade from 7.5.3 to 7.5.4 Resets the Configurator values!

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by SupermanInNY, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. SupermanInNY

    SupermanInNY Guest

    Hi All,

    I've upgraded from 7.5.3 to version 7.5.4.
    I also ran the configurator to fix an installation a day earlier (just before the upgrade), so I'm thinking this is probably a 7.5.4 problem Reseting values.

    Error 3 at Open file 'C:\inetpub\vhosts\asp.ironi-alef.info\statistics\webstat\CopyAWStats.lock': The system cannot find the path specified.

    I just checked the Reconfigurator tool and it is pointing to the Default values, so I needed to change them.

    My domains are on a different drive:


    It also changed my Backup location from:
    E:\backup to the default location.

    So, this is probably a problme with the Patch Upgrade as it resets the values to defaults.

    Please let the Developers know about this.