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Usefull Information *** Read It ***

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by softpac2000, Mar 16, 2004.

  1. softpac2000

    softpac2000 Guest

    Here are my observations after installing the 6.5.2 plesk for windows patch and with Plesk in general. I hope some of you find it usefull!...

    1. The patch program replaces the php.ini located on the windows directory without giving the user any notice or backing up the file. Backup this file if you have made any kind of modifications to it before doing the patch install.

    I have noticed on the forum that people complain because php stops working after a patch... This has to be one of the reasons and can save you a lot of trouble.

    For example if you installed the Zend optimizer, the program makes changes to the php.ini file but this changes are lost after the upgrade. Solution is to first make a backup of the new php.ini file installed by the patch. Uninstall the Zend optimizer, this restores the php.ini file to the state it was before the Optimizer was installed. Then you need to copy back the saved new copy of the phph.ini, the one created during the patch installation and then re-install the Zend Optimizer.

    2. Another BIG complain on the forum is that the Front Page Server extensions don't work...

    Once you setup a new domain with the Front Page Server extensions you need to go to the FP Webadmin using Plesk, click on the Manage Users link, click on the administrator user name link, leave the Administrator role selected and also select Advanced Author. Users tend to select Author but that won't do it. They need to select Advanced Author instead besides also having the Administrator role selected and click submit. Note that this happens even if you havn't installed Plesk. So this problem has nothing to do with Plesk.
    Also the default .html file on the home directory doesn't always get overwritten since Front Page default publish is using the .htm file extension. Users sometimes forget about this and complain because the keep getting the default .html page. Remove the index.html file to solve this problem if you are publishing using ".htm" extensions for your pages.

    3. There is a bug on the statistics gathering program. When you create a domain for web forwarding it tries to gather statistics information from that site and that won't work unless it is a website hosted by plesk. When this happens if you try to look at the statistics for the forwarding domain it displays 100% under HTTP in red and that's it.

    4. Another observation. This one I found out the hard way! Although they specify on the installation procedures to install on a clean O/S only files server, they need to be more specific.
    a) Do a fresh install of Windows Server 2003
    b) Run Windows Update to install all available updates
    c) DO NOT enable active directory, this makes the machine a domain controller and also installs DNS which conflicts with the PLESK DNS.
    d) Install Plesk
    e) Reboot your machine

    5. Destination URL on Standard Forwarding is appended a " / " when it ends with " .com " don't append anything, let the user do it. The address ends up with two // at the end instead of one when you use it on the browser. (IE 6.0). ex: www.domain.com//
    The only way to fix this is on IIS directly.

    Hope this information is usefull!
    I found out the hard way!