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Using clamav and spamassassin on virtuozzo environments

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by accend, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. accend

    accend Guest

    I'm wondering if the spamassassin and clamav solution from ART might work on Virtuozzo envirnoments.

    I just got a new server with Virtuozzo technology (instead of my traditional "normal" servers). It uses RHES3 as a Host OS and i'm using RHAS 3 OS templates for the Virtual Environments (VE).

    For those who are not familiar with Virtuozzo VE here's a list of things to bare in mind:

    - Virtuozzo environments are based on "application templates". These templates include updates to Plesk and other applications such as PSA-Spamassassin, PSA-Drweb.

    - There is NO up2date or yum in VE as they are based on OS or APPLICATION templates. Running something like this would 'break' the template.

    - SWSoft periodically releases updates to these templates which contain updates to different apps such as PSA and other components.

    - There's a few tools to update the installed templates (which contain the applications), which in turn updates the applications installed on a VE.

    - You can build your own application templates.

    - You can also install separate applications without using virtuozzo templates.

    Few questions:

    1) Has anyone tried installing the spam/av solution without the use of up2date or yum?

    2) Im not sure if ART's solution can be ported to a virtuozzo template.