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Webmail Error

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by benyamin, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. benyamin

    benyamin Guest

    hi all
    my webmail(hord)have this error at all mail domain page:

    You are not authorized to view this page
    You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.

    Please try the following:

    Contact the Web site administrator if you believe you should be able to view this directory or page.
    Click the Refresh button to try again with different credentials.
    HTTP Error 401.1 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials.
    Internet Information Services (IIS)

    can any one help me?
    best regards
  2. jbuts

    jbuts Guest

    Try to do the following command from command line:
    cmd> cd %plesk_bin%
    cmd> websrvmng.exe --reconfigure-webmail
    I hope it will help you.
  3. benyamin

    benyamin Guest

    thanks for your helping...
    i solved my problem...
    best regards
  4. emagen

    emagen Guest

  5. Gris@

    Gris@ Guest

    You should check under what user webmail(default) web site works and then check NTFS permissions for that user to index.html in that site.
  6. ketcapli

    ketcapli Guest

    Here the solution

    If anybody get stuck with windows login with webmail.

    It's a problem with IUSR_SERVERNAME password.

    First learn your IUSR_SERVERNAME password with the script in the page below


    Then change your IUSR_SERVERNAME password from windows users.

    It worked for me