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Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by kruc3fix, Oct 15, 2005.

  1. kruc3fix

    kruc3fix Guest

    Hi, this is my first post on this forum.

    I've searched the forum and nothing came close for an answer so here's my post.

    I'm trying to create a subdomain using the xml-rpc api for php. The manual states that I should use the script below. What it does is creating a domain for a particular client.

    The examples provided by the manual shows how to create/modify a domain, mail, mailman, client, ip , event etc, but it says nothing about subdomains. First I thought subdomains are seen as domains and there is a filter where you can chose the domain id, meaning it will create a subdomain. But there is nothing that does this.

    What I want to do is something basic - a user registers using a form and get's a free subdomain (a wordpress package will be copied in his subdomain, so he doesn't have access to ftp, db, mail).

    CAN YOU PLEASE HELP WITH THIS !! My deadline is tomorrow and I've searched for an answer all week. My last hope is within this forum. Thanx in advance.

    // define some constants

    $proto = PROTO_VER;
    $data =<<<EOF
    <packet version="$proto">

    // execute curl engine and sendCommand()
  2. kruc3fix

    kruc3fix Guest

    I know you can create a subdomain with a cgi script using
    ./subdomain.sh --create "forum" -domain "domain.zone"
    , but I can't start learning cgi right now. I think there is a way to do the exact thing using the xml-rpc api.

    So, anyone??? Aren't there people that offer webhosting (with subdomains) using plesk?

  3. kruc3fix

    kruc3fix Guest

  4. ray007

    ray007 Guest


    Will we ever be able to manage subdomains with the Plesk API?

    I've seen the 'virtdir' operator in protocol version even takes a subdomain-id as input, but without a way to get this info using the Plesk API ... :confused: