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  1. ReloTracker

    ReloTracker Guest

    What a disappointment Plesk has turned out to be!

    I selected it for our migration of client domains from a shared hosting to a dedicated server. I had some bad experience with HELM, so I decided to go with Plesk.

    We have just faced one problem after another:
    1. Poor Anti-Spam control. There is very little to control. Baysian filters do not work. We bought the MailEnaple Pro License only to see that the functions there do not work in Plesk. How can we manage our clients with spam running wild?
    2. Email controls do not work correctly. The server is set to spam level 3. I create a new email for a domain, and the spam is set off and when I use group operations to turn it on, it's only set to 7.
    3. The interface for our users is full of ads for Plesk partners. Is this what I pay for?
    4. On a dedicated server it takes a long time to show 100 email users for a domain.
    5. Support is completely lacking. MailEnable provides much better support.

    All in all, very disappointed. David
  2. the_toon

    the_toon Guest

    Dude! Don't take it offensive, but you mixed up everything, except Plesk :)