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7.5.3 Upgrade - Where is php.ini

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by postman, May 16, 2005.

  1. postman

    postman Guest

    I have had a lot of difficulty with 7.5.3 and I would like to know if anyone else has'upgraded':( and found that /etc/php.ini no longer exists. I cannot work it out? PHP is working and some of my sites are working but 1 (which relies on mambo) is not working as I need to amend the php.ini file - which I cannot find?

    Does anyone here know where it might now be? I have done a search for php.ini on the box and it finds the plesk admin one and another older one in a Zend folder which is obviously not being used any more.

    Please help,
  2. Cranky

    Cranky Guest

    Create a phpinfo file:


    Then open that in a browser. It will tell you the location in there.
  3. postman

    postman Guest

    I have done that and it says that it is looking in /etc for it.
    But the php.ini is not actually there?! I have even restarted apache - the php.ini is not there but it still says that in phpinfo - I'm pretty confused but i need to solve this ASAP? Any more ideas?
  4. MaRiOs

    MaRiOs Guest

    login from ssh as root and try "locate php.ini
  5. postman

    postman Guest

    strangist thing!
    I uploaded the old php.ini into /etc/ and restarted the server and now everything is working fine (after my hosting company themselves took care of the plesk upgrade issues).

    I have only been using Plesk for a few months and I will never upgrade again - it is far too risky and buggy.

    And even though it has been *successully* upgraded there are still features in Plesk not working e.g. error messages in Migration Manager and not any new features that I can see!
  6. MaRiOs

    MaRiOs Guest

    i m useing plesk since the beggining of the month and did updates 2 times and everything worked fine...
  7. editor

    editor Guest

    There are 2 php.ini

  8. GwaiLo

    GwaiLo Guest


    If you still have a backup from pre-installation, I suggest you take it and place it in /etc/.

    phpinfo(); is correct, it is looking in /etc/ for a php.ini but it's simply not finding it. PHP will use all defaults for that version of PHP in lieu of a php.ini file.

    Once you place a php.ini file in /etc/ it will start working and you can get back to work right away :)
  9. editor

    editor Guest

    I would suggest to find out, why SW-Soft has stolen the
    php.ini by the fake "upgrade". You cannot say, that this is
    an "upgrade" if someone manipulate and destroy the
    the /etc/php.ini. That's hacking and to hack a computer is

    It is the same, if I would ask YOU - GwaiLo - to update my
    WinXP and you delete the win.ini. And at the same time you
    take the mickey out of me, because it was "only an upgrade".
    Suddenly, I come then here in this forum and begin to write
    with words "I have had a lot of difficulty with..." and "I would like
    to know if anyone else has upgraded'" and especially to ask
    then "Does anyone here know where my win.ini might now be?"

    This is not the job of the user to repair the hack of SW-Soft.
  10. GwaiLo

    GwaiLo Guest

    I'm honestly not sure what I said to deserve such a personal and vitriolic response.

    My post was merely explaining to the original poster how PHP was still working (which they asked, and no-one else had answered) and also how to resolve the problem.

    In no way did I suggest that the plesk upgrading it was a good thing or the original posters fault, so I would please ask you to contain yourself and perhaps think a little before launching into such a tirade again.

    Kind Regards
  11. editor

    editor Guest

    I can explain it very well, of course. For more than 3 weeks,
    I have to fix everyday another "bug" or "hack" which was
    produced by SW-Soft. Everyday, I am busy between 10-14 hours
    only with this **** of SW-Soft. Everyday, this means from monday
    to sunday. At the same time, SW-Soft does not pay for all the
    repairings which they have produced. It is unfair by you to ask
    to calm down, if SW-Soft hacks the Plesk-Server while the user
    has to be the fullidiot with making unpayed extra-work to repair
    all this hacking and bugs of SW-Soft.

    Of course, I see your good-will and that you try to explain HOW
    TO FIX this php.ini-problem. That's wonderful, sure. :) The
    difference between you and me is, that I also want to know HOW
    THIS COULD HAPPEN, that suddenly php.ini was blowed away
    and you ignore this. If someone hack an online-bank, then you
    surely want to know how this could happen and what exactly
    the hackers did. But if it is Plesk, then you don't seem to be
    interested in it. But it is ok, I accept your opinion.

    See also the side of the client. The client says to the admin,
    that the admin is responsible for a running system. Some bugs
    can always be anywhere, but no hacks please. The client is then
    the person who says to the admin "notta my problem, you re
    the admin" and the admin has to fix the hacks and bugs of
    SW-Soft. And SW-Soft? They do not post here to give a
    minimum help to repair the damage what they have done to
    so many Plesk-Admins. They hide their head in the sand
    alike an ostrich does it before the elephants will come.

    I saw the site of "postman" Jonny. He is a smart boy and simple
    clicked to the upgrade-button to upgrade from 7.5.2 to 7.5.3 as
    all the Plesk-admins do it. And now look to all his reports of
    all the failures as so many other Plesk-admin posted here.
  12. postman

    postman Guest

    Thanks you all your replies - things are much clearer to me now - thanks for explaining that in the absence of php.ini a default set of options are used - this must have been what was happening. My provider performed the upgrade manually themselves but obviously this blew away the php.ini file - when I placed it back there myself from a backup things got pretty much back to normal so thanks for the help.

    To GwaiLo, I think editor's frustration with SWSoft has boiled over a little and I don't think he intended to cause you offence - i think the main thing is that we are all frustrated and suffering due to SWSoft releasing this 'upgrade' - lets all be friends :) and keep talking so we can help others in this same situation.

    One last point - even though Plesk is upgraded to 7.5.3 for me there are still features which are not working e.g. Migration manager - due to errors.

    Once again thanks to all of you who help!
  13. editor

    editor Guest

    GwaiLo + postman. Ok, I will pay the beer.
  14. MaRiOs

    MaRiOs Guest

    if it's about beers count me in ;p
  15. editor

    editor Guest

    You can come if you bring with red wine from Greek. Big box of
    original bavarian beer is already here. This greek wine is
    familiar with Plesk, because both have red color and both
    make drunken. And sometimes - in front of the buggy and
    hacked Plesk-Server - a rush will be very healthy.

    BTW: Did you know, that Olga K. from Novosibirsk - who works
    for Plesk - has the same lipstick-color like the red Plesk-Logo?
    I bet, that her panties and bra are also plesk-red. :cool: She still
    waits for my plesk-red flowers which I promised to send her to
    Novosibirsk. But I am sceptic and there might also be a bug, ya
    know my sarcasm. ;-)

  16. MaRiOs

    MaRiOs Guest

    Red wine of course,as much as u want or can take ;pppp

    Cool about these red things i didnt knew it ;pp
  17. editor

    editor Guest

    Wonderful. Has there ever been a usermeeting of plesk-users?
  18. MaRiOs

    MaRiOs Guest

    Here in Greece ? i dont know lol
    I started using plesk as i began in this new job, that is since 5th of May ;p

    so Im so newbie to know.