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7.5.6 to 7.6 upgrade & Sitebuilder 3.1 Installation Warnings!!!

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by WebCTRL, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. WebCTRL

    WebCTRL Guest

    We upgraded from 7.5.6 to 7.6 last week-end and there were no issue at all --- Except for SiteBuilder.

    SM 3.1 installation Warnings and Options

    1- The SiteBuilder does not get installed during the upgrade to 7.6.
    2- If you want it, you will have to install using the add/remove program Plesk 7.6 package with option "Modify installation"
    3- Be aware that, SM 3.1 from the Plesk 7.6 installation will only install in the C: partition ( Default partition). This installation DOES NOT give you any choice at all.
    Suitebuilder gets installed by default in the C partition under this folder c:\\program files\swsoft\SiteBuilder\ Which is NOT good because Sitebuilder may potentially take a lots of Diskspace on your system drive.
    4- If you install SM 3.1 using the downloaded MSI package from PLesk. You will have the choice as too where you want the SM 3.1 to be installed. BUT, IT WILL NOT INTEGRATE WITH PLESK....you will need to contact plesk to have them integrate it manually with PLESK 7.6

    Beside lack of installation options for SM 3.1 in the PLESK 7.6 upgdage package, everything just went JUST FLAWLESS...!

    Our configuration are:
    -all the Plesk last patches/updates
    -windows server 2003 was up-to-date with sp1 and all security patches
    -SqlServer 2000 standard
    -SmarterMail Professional
    -SqlServer Express 2005 Advanced Editition
    --Dod not have any Sitebuilder live database.

    if you want to use SqlServer2005 Express with SM 3.1, I suggest to install the SqlServer 2005 Express Advanced Edition. This will give you the SqlServer Administration Studio. Which the Plesk Default SqlServer 2005 does NOT.


    Prior Installing SM 3.1

    **** If you did you use SiteBuilder at all and DO NOT need to upgrade it from previous release to SM 3.1,I strongly suggest to remove all previous sitebuilder installations ( 1.2 or 2.05 ). Use Add/Remove program.

    The reason is that the web.config file from previous sitebuilder installation in IIS confict with SM 3.1

    SM 3.1 Instalation

    If you do not mind about having SM 3.1 installed in the C: drive
    Follow this steps:

    1- Run the 7.5.6 upgrade to 7.6
    2- Once completed, go to Add/Remove Program
    3-- Double click on the Plesk 7.6 and choose the Modify option.
    4- Select to Install SiteBUilder 3.1
    5- Follow the instruction on the screen.
    6- Once completed - login to Plesk and enable SM3.1 component.

    If you must installed SM 3.1 on another Drive than the default C: Partition. I suggest this steps and Call Plesk to integrate it.

    1- Run the 7.5.6 upgrade to 7.6
    2- Download SM 3.1 from the msi package
    3- During the installation of SM 3.1 selet the SqslServer Database version.
    4- Contact SwSoft Support to have them integrate SM 3,1 in Plesk 7.6 Control Panel

    So Far everything is working very well. We will be doing more testing this week
  2. WebCTRL

    WebCTRL Guest

    Recently upgraded to 7.6 and everything seemed to work fine.

    However, I notice I now have no access to the statistics of the different websites anymore.

    I have always succesfully been using the http://<domain name>/plesk-stat/webstat/ URL to access the statistics (without passwords), but I get a "Forbidden

    We tried to reset the permissions using these functions:

    websrvmng.exe --update-anon-passwords --all
    the plesk permissions reconfigurator ...
    Check permission for the domain.....

    Anyone has a solution?!
  3. EuroMaverick

    EuroMaverick Guest

    A lot of people seem to have troubles with the statistics not being available anymore since the upgrade to 7.6. What worries me is that SWSoft has not made any comment on this so far as I know...