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A comain created onPlesk dont are created on IIS

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by marcelowelter, May 7, 2005.

  1. marcelowelter

    marcelowelter Guest

    A domain created on Plesk dont are created on IIS (Win2003)

    I have serios troubles with Plesk 7.5

    on my box after create a new domain by my resellers i dont see the domain on the IIS and calling the dommand on brownser show only the default Plesk domain page.

    Anybody can help me

    Plesk are the best on all things includes big bugs
  2. superm0nk

    superm0nk Guest

    Remove the domain and try readding it yourself.
  3. marcelowelter

    marcelowelter Guest

    i try do it and plesk make same process...

    create on plesk but nothing in IIS

  4. fabianomaciel

    fabianomaciel Guest

    This is the same error that was posted by Welter

    COM Error 80020009

    The domain is not created, during the execution of websrvmng.exe the application pool is created and the user IWPD_xxxx is also created, only that after the fault, it is probably made a rollback of everything and the appl poll is excluded and the user IWPD_xxxx is also excluded.
    After this error, IIS is unstable.
    I would like to know the steps that are done for the physical creation of the host, because this error is related with the physical creation, and knowing about the steps, it could try to identify some problem in Windows.


    Fabiano Maciel