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access restriction issue

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by iWeed, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. iWeed

    iWeed Guest

    i installed Plesk 8.2 for windows. installation was success and now running smoothly. however, i accidentally set restriction for my network ip. now i cant log in using admin from my pc. it give this error:

    Error : Access for administrator from addess is restricted in accordance with ip access restriction policy currently applied.

    i can access using other username, only cant login using admin. please help.
  2. Bender

    Bender Guest

    Plesk access restriction policy is stored in the cp_access table of Plesk database. Just use appropriate tool and edit it. You can find out which type of database used to store Plesk db in the windows registry:
    hklm\software\plesk\psa config\config\plesk_database_provider_name
  3. iWeed

    iWeed Guest

    I already check in the windows regisry and found this:

    Plesk_database_provider_name, type is REG_SZ and data is JET.

    what should i do next?

    thank you.
  4. avsokolov

    avsokolov Guest

    To access Jet, please download MDB Viewer Plus (it is free, you can find it on Internet), run it, open the %plesk_dir%\admin\db\psa.mdb database

    Here you find the cp_access table