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Accounting of SMTP Traffic

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by insel, Apr 29, 2005.

  1. insel

    insel Guest


    I'm just asking myself, what is accounted to smtp out and smtp in. I was thinking

    smtp in = all incoming smtp traffic from everywhere (external mails to my domain and mails, which I send via the server).

    smtp out = all mail, which is send from the server to external.

    So smtp in should be bigger then smtp out, because smtp in = my mails to external + mails from external to me. But I do have more smtp out than smtp in:

    pop out < smtp in < smtp out

    pop out could be smtp in plus some header informations.

    Is only mail traffic from external to the server accounted within smtp in? (My mail traffic to external is only accounted in smtp out and not smtp in?)

  2. leobag

    leobag Guest

    I'd like to bump this thread because the in/out pop/smtp traffic usage confuses me too...

    Can the enlightened ones give us an explanation?

  3. Peekay@

    Peekay@ Guest

    I appreciate this thread is a little old, but I am confused by the mail traffic reports too.

    The first time I saw SMTP activity in traffic report for a domain I panicked, as I wasn't offering SMTP service to clients. Then I discovered SMTP also handles incoming email, so having a value for 'in' makes sense. But how is the 'out' value created? :confused:

    Also, I seem to have 0.00MB for my domain's POP3/IMAP traffic, yet all clients have several mailboxes?
  4. Peekay@

    Peekay@ Guest

    Doh! :rolleyes: I have email enquiry forms that use sendmail, so that's my SMTP 'out'.

    But what is the POP3/IMAP for?