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Add email addresses without logging in.

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by jyamich, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. jyamich

    jyamich Guest

    I currently have a web control panel for my customer and would like to give them the ability to automatically add user email addresses for the users they need without logging into the Plesk control panel.

    So is there any way I can maybe make a php script to add email addresses or make a php script talk to a shell script to add the email address?

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you guys for even reading this post.

  2. jamesyeeoc

    jamesyeeoc Guest

  3. jyamich

    jyamich Guest

    I also much mention, I am not the administrator of the box plesk is installed on or plesk itself. (I do know the admin though). Would the command line interface still work for me?

  4. pedropadron

    pedropadron Guest

    hey there
    that's something you could test

    if you create a script (for example in PHP) that will execute the creation utility, it would be ran by your user, but only root user have access to it.

    if you know the admin, he/she could copy the utility to /usr/bin and chown it to your user and group and chmod 700. this way only your user will be able to execute it.

    I don't know, but maybe the creation utility won't work outside the plesk directory.

    i'm without acces to plesk right now to test, but you can try it out.

    please let us know if it did work!

    Pedro Padron