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Adding databse users (local and remote)

Discussion in 'Plesk 10.x for Linux Issues, Fixes, How-To' started by Chrome Orange, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Chrome Orange

    Chrome Orange Guest

    Hi all

    I have a database that I need to open up to other domains and I can't see how to do that in Plesk

    According my control panel I am running version 10.2.0

    I have 2 subscriptions : Subscription_One and Subscription_Two

    Subscription_one has a database : Database_One
    with a user account : Database_USR / Database_PASS

    First of all I want to allow access to the database from a domain on Subscription_Two and secondly I want to allow access to a domain on a different IP address : 888,888,888,888

    How do I do that, I found a couple of mentions but the answers seem vague and don't work (obviously I'm missing something)

    On previous servers I have just been able to do this within the control panel. I am comfortable using the command line but have never had to add users to a databse in this way.

    Is there a step by step guide somewhere?

    (I have tried this http://kb.parallels.com/1134 but I just get 0 rows affected)

  2. Chrome Orange

    Chrome Orange Guest

    Anyone got any ideas, tips or thoughts?

    I'm at a loss as to a/ how to do it and b/ why it's not a feature of the control panel anyway!
  3. pichlo

    pichlo Guest

    Hey Chrome Orange,

    I think you have two topics:

    1. accessing the database of subscription one for subscription two
    2. accessing the database for others ip's / machines

    topic 1) whats is the problem connecting the database? how do you want do have access to the database? via php? than just use the user and password of subscription one. via plesk or phpmyadmin in plesk? I think this won't work. just try to install a dedicated version of phpmyadmin by hand.

    topic 2) this is a firewal related topic. you have to open you firefwall for mysql.

    does this help?
  4. Chrome Orange

    Chrome Orange Guest

    OK, it would have been helpful if the forum had emailed me that someone had responded!

    I have several domains on my server, all on seperate accounts. I need to be able to access the database on one domain from another domain using a PHP script so that I can perform, amoungst other things, union queries eg

    select * from database1.table
    union all
    select * from database2.table

    where database1 belongs to domain1.com and it's user and database2 belongs to domain2.com and a different user.

    Why is this not a standard feature?
  5. pichlo

    pichlo Guest


    I really think, that there no feature lack. And I really think, that there is a very easy solution for you problem. Unfortunetly you haven't answered my questions. But I think this isn't a question in relation to plesk, but to php/mysql...

  6. Chrome Orange

    Chrome Orange Guest

    I think it's a Plesk issue, in cPanel and DirectAdmin I can have 1 database with 2 users and allow other domains on the same server or external domains to access the database from with in the control panel. Plesk have also said the this is due for release in version 12

    Ignoring the external issue for the moment and assuming that domain1 and domain2 are hosted on the same server and the databases are on the same server

    basically, this is for a PHP script. I can't connect to database2 when I'm running the php script on domain1.com because database2 belongs to domain2.com, even if I use the correct user/password for database2

    I can, however, run the query in phpMyAdmin

    (why doesn't this forum email me when someone responds? I have 'instant email notification' selected)