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Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by alessandro, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. alessandro

    alessandro Guest

    Hello guys,

    i have the same problem again because i did change the password of the ftp for this account below and the admin plesk painel as well. So, i am put below the informations that i had with a man that did help me about the problem befor, but is not possible to find him now, and i am needing urgent where i have to go step by step till to be possible to do the same that he did as is writed below.:

    i sent to him:
    The problem is that i did create a new domain account to the server that is the default DNS as well in the server for new domains. The domain is cybchat.com and the DNS is ready, is ok to go to the page, but when i am trying to entry inside of the page from navegator in http://www.cybchat.com is showing to me a window, that is asking for login and password. But this webpage was working very nice and without problems in the other server and nothing was changed at the webpage, only was uploaded for this new server that is the windows 2003 std with plesk 7.5.4. So, i need fixed this problem in the server that is asking for login and password when is trying to go to the webpage from NAVEGATOR. After to fix it, please, send me what was made to be fix it. So, i am approving the 2 credits more to fix it as soon as urgent.

    He sent to me:

    The site should be working normally for you now. The IIS user created for this site has a password which was different from what the metabase had. I reset the password and reentered it into IIS which then allows the anonymous user to authenticate properly when connecting.
    So, when he did this, the site came to work good, but now, after i change the password, the problem came back. So, can someone tell me where i have to go to fix it please?

    thank you again,