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Antivirus for my server and e-mails?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by Technologies, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. Technologies

    Technologies Guest

    Hi all. I´m new in this forum and I´m new too using Plesk control panel.

    I bought a Windows 2003 Standard dedicated server (self managed) that comes with Plesk 7 for Windows (with power pack included).

    I already configured my server but I have a problem. I want some antivirus for the server and for the e-mails of my clientes. In the plesk 7 for Windows I see that MailEnable standard is included and I know that it doesn´t support any antivirus program. I have some questions about that.

    1) Should I buy MailEnable Pro for use some antivirus?
    2) What antivirus recommends me to use with MailEnable Pro and Plesk control panel?
    3) Can you give me a link where I can buy the antivirus license?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. svdorr

    svdorr Guest


    Answer to your questions below.

    1) I recommend the purchase of Pro. The ability to integrate anti-virus, along with Webmail, IMAP, etc. It was definitely a worthwhile purchase for us.

    2) We personally use F-Prot because of recommendations from other companies, the cost, and our personal testing. We found it very easy to use and does not consume a lot of valuable system resources.

    3) It can be purchased here: https://secure.f-prot.com/cgi-bin/buy

    They offer a trial download.
  3. AbsolutelyFreeW

    AbsolutelyFreeW Guest

    what about Dr. Web included in the power pack??
  4. aracnet

    aracnet Guest

    which version should i buy for my Plesk+win server 2003?:confused:

    F-Prot Antivirus for Exchange or
    F-Prot Antivirus for Windows

    I just need serverside check for emails of my customer's webpages?

    Also I heard that reatime scan for F-Prot on Plesk win server should be closed , Is that true ? Waht are your advises to work with F-Prot ?
  5. cviviani

    cviviani Guest

    Mailenabele pro
    F-Prot Antivirus for Windows

    howto install

    or wait for plesk 7.5
  6. aracnet

    aracnet Guest

    why Plesk 7.5 does it have a default antivirus?

    Also can we upgrade it freely?