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Application Pool Identity

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by Moise, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Moise

    Moise Guest

    Suddenly the all websites at the server started to generate error "service unavailable"

    Then I have to change the "Application Pool Identity" of each application pool (all web sites have their own application pool) to predefined "network service" and then they started to work again.

    The issue is when a user creates a new domain at Plesk, plesk assigns a configurable user name(ie IWPD_xxx(userid) for this application pool and then new web site shows service unavailable error immediately. So we have to RDC and change the "Application Pool Identity" of the new web site to "network service", so this is really annoying.

    I have plesk 8.1 with hotfix installed, if I can get serious response for this problem I'll appreciate.

  2. sergius

    sergius Golden Pleskian

    Nov 6, 2005
    Likes Received:
    how many domains with dedicated app pool? really it is unnecessary to assign dedicated pool to each domain. it makes sense to use dedicted pools for hard loaded domains, for example with asp.net. in most cases you should use app pool per each client for security purposes.
  3. Moise

    Moise Guest

    In this server plesk 8.1 there are over 300 domains with their own application pools. I like this way since web site applications do not affect other applications. I have also another plesk 7.6 server with 700 domains with their own application pools and we don't have any issues. The servers are powerful enough and they have enough rams.
    I plan to run websrvmng.exe --reconfigure-all script for IIS but I have some doubts that I may get some unexpected results ie having doubled web sites in IIS.
    Currenlty I can run the application pools by changing their identities to "predifined network services", but I would like them running with "configurable identity" as plesk set when the web sites is created.
    Please let me know if there is a bullet-proof solution ?
  4. Moise

    Moise Guest

    OK everyone.
    I have reparied Asp.Net 2 then reboot the server and the issue has been fixed.