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Are multiple FTP accounts possible with Plesk?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by Mateo1041, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. Mateo1041

    Mateo1041 Guest

    I've been doing some playing and have used the following command line, but I still can't log in as this FTP user:

    I have scoured the web, but have found nothing relating to getting this working in Plesk, even outside the control panel. Shouldn't the above command work? I even restarted the server remotely and it didn't help.

    Any input or help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    - Matt.
  2. Mateo1041

    Mateo1041 Guest

    Since no one seems to answer any of my questions, I finally managed to find what I needed after hours of looking. After searching this forum, I didn't find a single helpful response regarding multiple FTP accounts as Plesk does not allow more than one.

    For those who may have the same problem:

    After much looking, I managed to get multiple FTP accounts working per domain in Plesk 7.5.2. By default the Plesk control panel does not allow you to have more than one FTP user account per domain, so this will have to be done manually via the prompt in SSH (http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/). Here's what I did:

    1) Logged into SSH with root account.
    2) Typed the following to add the user:

    The above should work if you just insert the proper domain name, password, and user. You should be able to leave the other parameters as they are above.

    The general syntax is the following:

    More information can be found here:


    3) Next type the following to restart your FTP server. We want to make sure the changes take effect.

    Or the following may do as well:

    Lastly, you can also try:

    4) You may change this user's FTP password if needed by typing the following:

    5) Lastly, make sure you add this user to the proper group so they can actually browse directories and work with files when logged in via FTP:

    Documentation on this command can be found here:


    Please note that "psaserv" is the same group regular FTP users are added to. So you can now have multiple FTP users under the same domain account!
  3. alex042

    alex042 Guest

    This is not exactly true as plesk does allow for ftp users for subdomains and web users for domains, just not an additional ftp user for the httpdocs or httpsdocs directories for the main site.
  4. Mateo1041

    Mateo1041 Guest

    Agreed. That is what I meant. In my case, a client needed two main FTP accounts for both himself and his website developer.
  5. kenzor

    kenzor Guest

    be warned!

    i followed the instructions contained within the post to create a second ftp user.

    running the following command broke every domain on the server!!!

    gpasswd -M<USER> psaserv

    after running useradd cmd adding the username to the end of


    in /etc/group will allow them to login via ftp.

    also once you have added the user you don't need to restart any services.
  6. yongsan

    yongsan Guest


    I have tried this method and i still could not ftp in using the new username and password.

    Any advise?
  7. Gamba

    Gamba Guest

    Webuser modify

    I tested this version of FTP-User creation, and works fine. The only reason, why i looked for another model was, i want to control all users from the Plesk-Panel (who's online) and i want to control the transfervolume they caused at all time.

    So i just used this command to edit the existing Webusers:

    This one changes the Webuser "thewebuser" homedirectory of the domain "thedomain".

    Once u changed the users homedirectory with that command u need to set the password to the user again. (u can do this via plesk or via passwd user)

    To grand this user rights on directories just use chmod.

    Greetz Gamba
  8. koolnyze

    koolnyze Guest

    The following works for me.

    useradd -d/home/httpd/vhosts/DOMAIN/httpdocs -g10001 -Gpsaserv -pPASSWORD -s/bin/false USER
    /etc/rc.d/init.d/xinetd restart
    passwd USER
    chmod 777 HOME DIRECTORY
  9. antoniop

    antoniop Guest

    how do i create a group, because it is not working and maybe is because i have not created a user

    thanks :confused:
  10. jmlcards

    jmlcards Guest

    How do I delete user?

    This works great to add a user ... now how do I delete the user added?

  11. jmlcards

    jmlcards Guest

    Found it ....

    userdel <USER>
  12. ShadowMan@

    ShadowMan@ Guest

    Use the 'userdel' command in linux.

    userdel [-r] login

    The '-r' option: Files in the user's home directory will be removed along with
    the home directory itself and the user's mail spool. Files
    located in other file systems will have to be searched for and
    deleted manually.

    Edit: Wow, I hate when I cross post, missed it by a minute!
  13. Crazy X

    Crazy X Guest

  14. yongsan

    yongsan Guest

    Wow..this certainly helps alot. Does this work on plesk 8.0 as well?
  15. Crazy X

    Crazy X Guest

    i not try it, but i think: yes :)
  16. haggy

    haggy Guest

    It does, tried it!!

    Plesk 8 - Debian 3.1 Sarge

    Very excellent work, this plugin helps me with some users!