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ASPScript problem if my client has his own mailserver...?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by TheFOX, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. TheFOX

    TheFOX Guest

    How do I make Plesk know that when executing a jMail script for a specific client with own mailserver, it should not try to send it localy (the plesk mailenableserver)...?

    As it is now the DNS is set up on a seperat DNS server (not Plesk) and here mail.domain.dk is set up to the clients mailserver... And it all works fine when he sent and recive his mail.

    But the problem is that when I try to execute an ASP formmail script that has to send the client the formmail on his own mailserver, Plesk (or mailenable) try to deliver localy, as it thinks the mail is located on the server itself. It never looks up the DNS when the site i local.

    So how do I force Plesk to lookup the correct settings on the seperate DNS server.

  2. TheFOX

    TheFOX Guest

    Really - Nobody has an answer to this..?

    Wow... this forum is slooooooooooooow. :confused:

    Or maybe the question is not understood? ...

    My client has his own mailserver. And therefor the DNS for mail.domain.com is set to his own IP adresse

    His web is located on the Plesk server and DNS for www.domain.com is set to the IP adresse of the Plesk Server

    All DNS is managed by a separat DNS server (NOT the Plesk server)

    When an asp script (formmail.asp) tries to send mail to the client from the website, Plesk thinks it's a local adress and send it to the Plesk server...

    In other words Plesk never look up the DNS on the DNS server, as it think's mail is local.

    I use JMail and it works nice with all domains that use Plesk/mailenable as mailserver, but not when the mail server is located elsewhere

    Kind regards
  3. maarten

    maarten Guest

    same problem here... Does anyone have a solution. Shutting down the mailbox under the domain does not work.
  4. timberman_r

    timberman_r Guest

    external mail servers

    I actually have a seperate trusted relay box for those setups..

    If the customer has an email server somewhere else I setup my mail scripts to send to the relay smtp server and not to localhost.. this works for just about all my domains that I need it for..

  5. TheFOX

    TheFOX Guest

    Please tell me in details Russ

    Hi Russ (and others)

    I know it's a long time since you/Russ wrote the answer, but back then I didn't quite understand what was ment and I made a little "work around", where the mail was send to another acount on another server. and it then redirected to the real mailadress.... Not ideal but it works.

    Now the problem is back as I have yet another clients with own mailserver and more than one mailadresse that has to recive feedback from the JMail script... and there it is not a god solution to use my little "work around"...

    So please.... could you or somebody else tell me in detalis how it set it up so that Plesk/MailEnable will look the DNS up and not send it to the local server.

    Plese remember that in my case tha DNS is NOT managed by Plesk buy by another DNS server on another computer.
  6. cviviani

    cviviani Guest

    has thought the fox is an intelligent animal.

    1. solution
    in script the appropriate smtp server IP adr indicate
    and depending upon configuration

    authorization user and password indification
    permit relays on the mailserver for plesk the IP

    2. solution
    send mail on local account and with popexchange program (look internet pop2exchange,popcon E.F.S ... shareware) send it to the client mailbox. we use this solution also for mails on a local ms exchange server to pass on.
  7. TheFOX

    TheFOX Guest

    ???? Must be a complete Newbee...

    Hi again...

    Must be my english or..??? because I still don't think it answers my question...??? Please forgive if I a little Newbee on the MailEnable issue.

    And please note that I have no problems sending mail with my JMail scripts... all domains tha is located on the server and use MailEnable as mailserver have no problems at all....

    The problem is only when the client has his own mailserver. And when the webpage is located on my Plesk server...

    The JMail script try to send the e-mail to his email adress as it should, but because Plesk think it is a local site... It looks like Plesk doesn't make a DNS lookup at all... And then Plesk/MailEnable try to deliver the mail local (because the domain is located here)...

    As mentioned the DNS server is not the Plesk server... It is a seperate server . And It is the SMTP server on the Plesk server, that the Jmail script use to send tha mail (

    Do you mean that I should use his mailserver IP as SMTP server...??? That will not work as that would make his server open for spam, right?
    I'm really confused here...
  8. scootabug

    scootabug Guest

    I have recently installed JMail onto Plesh 7.5.5 for Windows and the object can't even be created. This script is working perfectly on our testing server using standard IIS 5 and the same install of JMail.

    Could you please post your code so I can see how you're calling the object?

  9. TheFOX

    TheFOX Guest

    Well is a normal creation of the object. But I use localhost as sender, not the clients maildomain

    looks something like this.

    Set Message = Server.CreateOBject( "JMail.Message" )
    Message.Logging = True
    Message.Silent = True
    Message.From = request.form("Email")
    Message.FromName = request.form("Name")
    Message.Charset = "iso-8859-1"
    Message.priority = 2
    Message.AddRecipient strModtager, strModtager
    Message.Subject = strSubject
    Message.Body = strBody

    If not Message.Send("") Then
    Response.Write "Send Error - Please contact the webmaster by e-mail: info@domain.com"
    Response.write "<pre>" & "Errorlog: " & Message.log & "</pre>"
    Response.Redirect ("thanks.asp")
    End If

    Set Message = nothing

    But I must be because the server should accept localhost as "sender"

    Hope it helps
  10. scootabug

    scootabug Guest

    That's what I am doing now. I am also using the Dimac w3Utils object, and I have no idea why it's failing. Is there anything special you need to do when installing onto the server? Because I'm stumped at the moment.