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Atmail not working at all!

Discussion in 'Plesk 9.x for Linux Issues, Fixes, How-To' started by msslovi0, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. msslovi0

    msslovi0 Guest

    It's not only I can't send any mails thru Atmail, I even can't read mails! Trying to do so results in the following error:

    As already said, I installed the latest packages for Atmail available here, but Atmail is still just a bunch of bugs! What's the roadmap for a working release?
  2. gorilych

    gorilych Guest

    does horde work? are you sure it is only atmail problem?
  3. msslovi0

    msslovi0 Guest

    Horde is working fine, same with using a MUA.
  4. gorilych

    gorilych Guest

    check if you have all components up2date with

    /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/autoinstaller --select-release-current --show-components
  5. msslovi0

    msslovi0 Guest

    I get 'install' or 'up2date', so all packages should be up to date - however has been released, right? Shouldn't there be at least one package that needs an update?

    Datei wird heruntergeladen products.inf3: 100% fertig.
    Datei wird heruntergeladen plesk.inf3: 10%..21%..32%..40%..51%..61%..70%..80%..91%..100% fertig.
    Datei wird heruntergeladen sitebuilder.inf3: 20%..40%..60%..80%..100% fertig.
    Datei wird heruntergeladen sso.inf3: 13%..27%..40%..54%..67%..81%..100% fertig.
    Auf installierte Pakete prüfen... 
    Datei wird heruntergeladen PSA_9.0.0/plesk-9.0.0-suse11.0-x86_64.inf3: 10%..20%..30%..40%..50%..60%..70%..80%..90%..100% fertig.
    Installierte Produktkomponenten werden ermittelt.
      base              [up2date] - Base packages of Plesk
      psa-autoinstaller [up2date] - Plesk Updater
      php5              [up2date] - PHP5 support
      postgresql        [up2date] - PostgreSQL server support
      vault             [install] - Application vault packages
      docs              [install] - Additional Plesk manuals
      ppwse             [install] - Plesk Professional Web Site Editor
      api               [up2date] - Plesk API [former Plesk Agent]
      pmm               [up2date] - Plesk migration manager
      sb-publish        [install] - SiteBuilder publishing support for Plesk
      sbm               [install] - SiteBuilder module migration suite
      cf-support        [install] - ColdFusion support for Plesk
      miva              [install] - MIVA Empresa support
      billing           [install] - Plesk billing
      mod-bw            [up2date] - Bandwidth Limiter For Apache support (mod_bw)
      asp               [install] - Apache ASP support
      java              [install] - Tomcat Java Servlets support
      mod_python        [up2date] - Apache mod_python module
      ruby              [up2date] - Ruby on Rails support
      qmail             [install] - Qmail mailserver
      postfix           [up2date] - Postfix mailserver
      psa-firewall      [install] - Plesk Firewall module
      psa-vpn           [install] - Plesk VPN module
      psa-fileserver    [up2date] - Plesk Fileserver module and SMB file server package
      sshterm           [install] - SSHTerm - SSH Terminal java applet
      watchdog          [install] - Watchdog (System monitoring module)
      cs-gs             [install] - Plesk Counter-Strike game server module
      battlefield       [install] - Plesk Battlefield 1942 game server module
      bf2               [install] - Plesk Battlefield2 game server module
      mailman           [up2date] - Mailman mailing list manager support
      kav               [install] - Kaspersky antivirus module
      drweb             [install] - Dr. Web antivirus
      spamassassin      [up2date] - SpamAssassin support
      backup-ded        [up2date] - Plesk Backup Manager
      atis              [install] - Acronis TrueImage module
      de-DE-locale      [up2date] - German language pack
      es-ES-locale      [install] - Spanish language pack
      fr-FR-locale      [install] - French language pack
      horde             [up2date] - Horde webmail support
      atmail            [up2date] - AtMail webmail support
  6. Gene Steinberg

    Gene Steinberg Regular Pleskian

    Dec 9, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Let me be blunt, having tried the full version of Atmail with a third-party mail host. It's a piece of garbage. Performs bad, doesn't seem to work well with browsers other than Firefox, at least sometimes. I don't know what Parallels was thinking. They should be adding RoundCube, which is far, far better.

  7. gorilych

    gorilych Guest

    check /usr/local/psa/var/log/maillog for errors..