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Auto updater does not work since 2 weeks

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by pixeline, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. pixeline

    pixeline Guest

    hello !

    the Plesk 7.5.4 on our fedora server does not work since 2 weeks. Also, the initial login time to enter the plesk interface takes ages to load. Once logged in, it works fine however.

    nothing appears to be wrong, from within Plesk, except that autoupdate issue.

    Does someone have any idea what is going wrong ?
  2. RexAdmin

    RexAdmin Guest

    Do you have firewall installed on the server?

    If yes, try to disable it first and re-init update/login procedure.

    Good luck
  3. pixeline

    pixeline Guest

    Hello rexAdmin,

    thank you for your reply, sorry for replying so late:

    no there is no firewall running on the server. Or let say, the Plesk Firewall module is available, but we did not implement it.

    i also noticed the same huge login time happens if you try to log in to the webmail, from any account running on the server.

    Any idea ?

    The plesk autoupdater still does not work either.
  4. Cranky

    Cranky Guest

    It could be anything really, possibly dns related, if horde isn't working either it sounds like you either have 2 unrelated problems or things are very messed up. It may be worth getting someone to take a look at it for you, if you have a support contract SWsoft can do that for you.
  5. pixeline

    pixeline Guest

    weirdly, my webhost does not reply, and this, since 2 weeks. urgl...

    this is the plesk error message in regards to autoupdate: Error: File download failed. Connect failed; Operation now in progress.
  6. Cranky

    Cranky Guest

    It sounds like a DNS problem. Check that /etc/resolv.conf contains valid nameserver IP's.