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b2evolution application

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by edcarriere, May 13, 2007.

  1. edcarriere

    edcarriere Guest

    Is it possible for the developers to speed up the update for the applications pack?

    There are so many applications that really old versions of the applications which have security problems.

    Or does SWSOFT want to keep the security bugs in place so that their clients will have to pay to get things fixed later on when things brake down... or are hacked due to the security problems.

    b2evolution is one application that should have been upgraded a long time ago to version 1.9.2

    Also, many other applications do not work at all so why do they add them to the applications pack? osCommerce does not work properly from the time it is installed. Once installed, you can't edit the settings...

  2. SHGreg

    SHGreg Guest

    I've noticed the application vault contains beta products which I believe shouldn't be provided and also programs that haven't had any development for years!

    I don't want beta/out-of-date/discontinued programs in the application vault :p
  3. edcarriere

    edcarriere Guest

    Sometimes I think that SWSOFT has created the applications package to lure people into purchasing their software even though the packages included are way out of date and half do not work properly.

    It seems that they are content in doing this as a scam to get more money in support afterwards.

    I would like to hear from SWSOFT what is their justifications for setting up an applications pack that is out of date and not thoroughly tested.