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Basic setup questions?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by WebGuy, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. WebGuy

    WebGuy Guest

    Before I crash and burn with what I think is a simple procedure I just want to make sure my assumption(s) are correct when I go live with a new website.

    My current Plesk 8.2 setup:
    Custom Name Servers:

    I have 2 IP's in Plesk.
    One IP has 2 live websites on it (no problems)
    and points thru my Custom Name Server(s) - Both are working fine..

    I am now ready to go live with the other IP (Domain Name). This IP will be pointing to a different "external" mail server (MS Exchange Server). AND I have an SSL for this domain.

    When "going live" my assumption is I just change 2 things.

    1. Point the domain to my Custom Name Server(s) via my Registrar.
    2. Change the A record in Plesk to point to the MS Exchange Server IP
    (So the ONLY change I make on the Plesk side is to change this A record)

    Is this correct?
    Is there anything else that I should be concerned about like using 2 different IP's and the SSL?
    (The certificate has already been installed for the domain name)
    What kind of time should it take for this all to be "live" and functional once I have made these changes? (2-4 hours?)

    Thanks for the help.
  2. akaplan

    akaplan Guest

    >>Change the A record in Plesk to point to the MS Exchange Server IP

    don't you mean change the MX record to point to the exchange server

    the time for propagation is typically 24 to 48 depending upon how fast the registrar/root servers are updated.
  3. WebGuy

    WebGuy Guest

    Well I have the MX record pointing like this:

    HOST----------------Record Type---------Value

    Then my A record would look like this?

    HOST----------------------Record Type------Value
    mail.mydomain.com-----A-------------------IP (to Exchange Server)

    Is this correct or what would be the correct way to set this up?
  4. akaplan

    akaplan Guest


    Also if the exchange server will be SENDING email make certain the .PTR record and A record for the exchange server match
  5. WebGuy

    WebGuy Guest

    OK, yes we will be sending email through our "in-house" exchange server.
    Right now I have the 1 PTR Record:

    HOST----------------Record Type---------Value
    Domain IP----------PTR-------------------mydomain.com

    So I should create another PTR Record:

    HOST--------------------------Record Type---------Value
    IP (to Exchange Server)-----PTR-------------------mail.mydomain.com

    So I would have 2 PTR Records?
    And this would be all?

    The other question:
    I use GoDaddy as the Registrar and have my custom name server registered with them which I have added to PLESK...would I be able to "expedite" this time by changing the SOA on the custom name server domain?