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Bug in Plesk Backup/Restore feature....solution offered

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by paul.powerdnn, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. paul.powerdnn

    paul.powerdnn Guest

    Hello Team,

    I would like to report a flaw in your plesk backup/restore procedures. The problem lies in that when we do a site restore, it doesn't clear out the old install first. It will just layover the backup files on top of the live files. Sometimes, the file directories don't match file per file, which renders the plesk restore feature almost useless. We sell this as a feature to our clients, and would really like to get this working properly.

    Here's what I view a solid resolution as looking like:

    Resolution to 1.1: Plesk disconnects all users to the database before attempting to restore the database.

    Resolution to 1.2: When restoring a backup, there should be three modes available:
    Restore All
    Delete All and then Restore All
    Restore Non-Existing Files Only

    This would allow our clients to customize how they need to do a restore to best suit their situation.

    Just looking for a little feedback, as I think this is a great feature that isn't quite setup right just yet.
  2. yassinsayed

    yassinsayed Guest

    i have a problem restoring MSSQL to a domain it give this massage after selecting the uploaded backup file with extension .bak

    Confirm the restoration of a database

    please any help on this