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Bypass Desktop, Straight to Home

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by jubbs, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. jubbs

    jubbs Guest

    How do i bypass the desktop and go straight to 'Home'? Can this be done from admin, for all domains?
  2. travisbell@

    travisbell@ Guest

    Ya, I am wondering the same thing.
  3. Betialai

    Betialai Guest

    Create a default template for clients. When it comes to 'User interface', select 'Only standard interface is allowed'

    If you already have different templates, just select 'Only standard interface is allowed' for each one.
  4. jubbs

    jubbs Guest

    Hi. Can you please be more specific? I cant find it. Please give us the step by step instructions.
  5. Betialai

    Betialai Guest

    Under Clients in the left bar menu, select Client Templates. Then click on Add new template button.

    See image

    When it comes to fill the options, select Only standard interface is allowed under Permissions

    See image
  6. jubbs

    jubbs Guest

    Thanks for that. I got it to work when changing it for individual domains, however I cant find where to do it all at once across all domains. I have 600+ domains on the server...
  7. Betialai

    Betialai Guest

    That's a little tricky...

    If you want *all* your domains to automatically open in the Home page rather than in the Desktop page, you could try to do a sql sentence to modify the parameters.

    Here comes the explanation...

    There is a table called Permissions in your psa table. For each client, there are two options related to the Desktop and the Home page.

    Example one: Client number 3 can access both the Desktop and the Home page. There should be two records in Permissions that look like this

    id --- permission --- value
    3 --- dashboard --- true
    3 --- stdgui --- true

    Example two: Client number 2 can access the Desktop but not the Home page. Then, those two records would appear:

    id --- permission --- value
    2 --- dashboard --- true
    2 --- stdgui --- false

    That is, the dashboard permission makes reference to the Desktop page while the stdgui permission makes reference to the Home page. So all you have to do is modify those two values for each of your clients.

    If you want *all* your clients to have direct access to the Home page while not being able to see the Desktop page.

    update Permissions set value='true' where permission='stdgui'
    update Permissions set value='false' where permission='dashboard'
    You could add a statement to the where clausule like
    and id=or id=or id=7
    to modify the clients number 1, 2 and 7
    or a statement like
    and id>and id<150
    to modify the clients from 1 to 150

    Disclaimer: Remember that, no matter how may I know or ignore about Plesk, this solution comes with no warranty. Also, remember that dealing with the database to modify the options in Plesk is the most dangerous way to deal with Plesk. Last, but not least, take in care that I am not part of Plesk. I'm just a user like you :)
  8. speedy66x

    speedy66x Guest

    Hi Guys, (excuse my english please)

    there is an other much easier way to do that. I don't know how its related to an update to Plesk 8.0.1 but with this version, use this way:

    Log-In to Plesk as an admin -> Click on "clients" -> Mark all related clients -> Click "Global Changes" -> Scroll down to "Desktop-Settings" (two rows above 'Limits') -> click the radio-button for 'activation' and choose one of the three options you want to set for all of these clients.


  9. teckna

    teckna Basic Pleskian

    Nov 17, 2006
    Likes Received:
    this all works well .. it is funny how similar things can be changed in varying places !...

    So, you used now does not have the desktop, which is good...

    HOW do you now turn off the "plesk news" which is of no use to any end user ?


    Andy @ Teckna
  10. jahsh420

    jahsh420 Guest

    How can you set it so the desktop is the default for the admin user as well?