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can't disable domains on 7.5.5

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by amram, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. amram

    amram Guest

    When I connect to plesk via admin account and try to disable a domain I get this:

    Unable to activate/deactivate doamin: Unable to update domain data: Unable to update domain:
    bsdomain: Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction..

    I get this when disabling most of them not all!
    Also when I connect to the server via RDP and connect to plesk locally from there I can Disable these domains!!

    Please Help!
  2. amram

    amram Guest

    now there is a domain that gives this error even when I try to disable it locally form server.
  3. Gris@

    Gris@ Guest

    It seems that you should configure my.ini file of admin's mysql with


    parametr. You can configure different values (by default it is 50)
    You should add it to [PleskSQLServer] field and restart Plesk's MySQL.
  4. amram

    amram Guest

    thank you for the hint Gris. I will do that and will share the results.
    Also I noticed something, I have scheduled statistics.exe to run every hour and it takes about
    10 to 15 minute for more than 500 doamins to complete.
    every time I try to disable a domain during this period I get
    the error and I keep getting this error even after the statistics.exe has finished it's work and
    But if I wait until after the termination of the next scheduled statistics.exe and try again the error
    is gone and these domains get disabled!!!!!
  5. xandih

    xandih Guest

    humm.. its a good information amram

    So, raise the time betwenn schedule os statistics ;)
    I'll expect the results of the topic...

    A good day for all
  6. amram

    amram Guest

    changed the innodb_lock_wait_timeout=200 as Gris said but I still get the same error. also rising the time between scheduled statistics.exe will increase the execution duration and increases the chance of getting the error.
    so now each time I want to activate and deactivate a domain have to keep an eye on taskmanager for statistics.exe to avoid getting the error.
    BTW has any one else got this error, or it's just me?