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ClamAV broken

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by bcsurfer, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. bcsurfer

    bcsurfer Guest

    I'm assuming 7.5.6 broke ClamAV because the ClamAV service won't start... Why? because c:\program files\swsoft\plesk\admin\bin\clamav.exe isn't there anymore...

    Anybody know how to fix this? I haven't had any luck yet...
  2. swarm

    swarm Guest

    Actually Clam AV doesn't shipped with Plesk so it's quite strange that clamav.exe was placed in %plesk_bin%
    It seems you need reinstall Clam AV to c:\clamav or c:\program files\clamav to let it works properly.
  3. Pavluha

    Pavluha Guest

    ClamAV installation files are not included or distributed with Plesk.
    Please visit http://www.clamwin.com/ page and download last version of ClamWin and run the file of the installation.
    Plesk will determine ClamAV. I installed ClamWin Free Antivirus version 0.87.01 (ClamAV 0.87.01) to Plesk 7.5.5 successfully.
  4. bcsurfer

    bcsurfer Guest

    Yes I know that ClamAV doesn't ship with the Plesk... However, when I initially set up the server I installed ClamAV and Plesk 7.5.0 and somewhere in that process a system service was setup that executed c:\program files\swsoft\plesk\admin\bin\clamav.exe

    Since the ClamAV install didn't know it was going to be used with Plesk I assume that service was setup by Plesk.

    Now, when I did the latest upgrade to 7.5.6 and I rebooted the server ClamAV failed to start and when I checked it out c:\program files\swsoft\plesk\admin\bin\clamav.exe wasn't there...

    I think it was fair to assume that it was removed by the upgrade...

    I have already fixed the ClamAV install...

    I just think that which ever programmer made the change that removed c:\program files\swsoft\plesk\admin\bin\clamav.exe should have also removed the service...
  5. Gris@

    Gris@ Guest

    I can say that installer does not just remove files. It can only replace files by the new version. Also if old file has newer creation date than the new one this file will not be replaced.
    It seems that that file was just currupted during the upgrade.
  6. bcsurfer

    bcsurfer Guest

    I won't pretent to know what the installer can and cannot do... I just know 3 things:

    1) The ClamAV service worked before upgrading to 7.5.6

    2) The ClamAV service didn't work after upgrading to 7.5.6

    3) c:\program files\swsoft\plesk\admin\bin\clamav.exe (The program the service was trying to execute) is completely missing... Not corrupted...
  7. wharfratjoe

    wharfratjoe Guest

    i should have read more posts on this beofre submitting this same issue in another thread:

    http://forum.plesk.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=30029 :

    I just upgraded from 7.5.5 to 7.56 with no problems.

    The only exception I noticed so far is that the clamav service isnt starting in the services.msc like it did in 7.5.5 but its running. c:\program files\swsoft\plesk\admin\bin\clamav.exe is missing

    I see ClamAV enabled in the Plesk Components Management:
    ClamAV devel-20060202/1301/Fri Feb 24 02:04:11 2006

    I just received an email that it just caught a virus within a clients email.

    Can you explain to me what service CLAMAV is tied into and is running under version 7.5.6.

    I also opened a support ticket for this in case I do not get a response here.

    I will post here what suppoort's answer is to this when I receive an answer

  8. wharfratjoe

    wharfratjoe Guest