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Cobalt to Plesk Questions

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by adunleavy, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. adunleavy

    adunleavy Guest

    We are currently using Cobalt servers, and want to move to plesk (or cpanel or ensim). A few questions to help us with our decision:

    1) Customers are asking for PHP 5 -- can this be done with plesk 7.5.1 (I can't find documented that php5 is supported). Has anyone had success/failure with it? Any details on how this MAY work would be great.

    2) Our customers are used to phpmyadmin for their mysql databases, and webmail for their web mail. Does plesk support these, or, what are the comparable apps it uses?

    3) We are using it (testing it) on fedora core 2. Any stability/reliability issues with Fedora we should know about?

    4) Assuming we use Fedora, should we use the auto-update function of the OS, or, does the plesk updater take care of everything? Could th OS updater potentially break any parts of plesk?

    5). Is there a 1-click server-backup utility inside of plesk (so we could, for example, take the entire plesk config/sites/databases/etc and dump onto a backup machine should the first server fail)? If not, what are you doing to keep backups?

    Thanks to evenybody in advance for your answers and feedback -- this has been a grueling process trying to decide which control panel to use.

    - Anthony D