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Completely dissatisfied with Plesk

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by mansfieldweb, Sep 26, 2004.

  1. mansfieldweb

    mansfieldweb Guest

    As I've had nothing but problems with Plesk and support seems none existant, I've changed my Control Panel solution to Helm. Instantly, all my problems are resolved.

    Goodbye Plesk, forever!
  2. alex042

    alex042 Guest

    What kind of problems?

    We went the other direction, from Helm to Plesk, so I was curious as to what you might've encountered with Plesk.
  3. bmorejon

    bmorejon Guest

    You right, Plesk still has a lot of problems.

    They shoul resolve all this bugs before launch news version
  4. Good Idea

    Good Idea Guest

  5. js1904

    js1904 Guest

    I agree, we just used 12 hours upgrading a single server fra 6.5.2 to 7.0.2

    Damn at the moment this really sucks bigtime :(
  6. mansfieldweb

    mansfieldweb Guest

    This reply aimed at alex042

    Sorry for the delay. The problems I had with Plesk within the first 7 days of using it:

    1. Preview option didn't within Control Panel
    2. Customers found the different type of users (i.e. web user, domain user, email user) confusing.
    3. Lack of any Secure Folder solution.
    4. Consistent problems with permissions on folders for domains auto-created by Plesk.
    5. Very awkward to change port configuration without having to adjust most other modules such as phpmyadmin. Helm just requires one setting change.
    6. The fact that Plesk insists on running on secure server (SSL certs aren't cheap you know just to host a control panel). This should be optional.
    7. No built in auto-signup script (quite a serious ommision if you're using it for a hosting company, and no, I'm not paying for HSPComplete to gain this function when Helm give it away completely free bundled within the control panel (besides, HSP only runs of Unix boxes and mines an NT server).
    8. Support is an issue seriously lacking with Plesk. Even though I use the version supplied with Dedicated servers from The Planet, I still think they should support it. They seem to resort to Microsoft Support strategy, i.e. if some ****** is prepared to resell their products, they can support it too!
    9. The lack of any integrated Anti-Virus support! Where is Dr.Web for Windows?

    EDITED - I just checked, it looks like Dr Web is available now, but it's too late, the other problems put me off Plesk enough to dump it anyway.

    These are just a few of my gripes, there's plenty more, but be aware that these are just my opinions, not that they count for much! ::)

    Cheers, Mark
  7. alex042

    alex042 Guest

    Protected folders didn't work?
    Which port settings?
    Have you tried changing or adding a listening port for the control panel? The Plesk cp basically runs on its own copy of apache with it's own settings which can be changed. Last time I checked, listening was only setup on 8443, but I would assume you could add another port for non-secure? Usually 8080 is the default standard alternate port, but this is currently used by tomcat. I would think you could use something else though.
    Most cp's don't have a built in signup script from what I've seen. So far, the only ones I've seen that do this are helm and h-sphere. Every other control panel I've used requires a 3rd party billing system to generate signup pages. Most don't overlap businesses and only provide the control panel.
    From what I hear, dr web isn't the best solution anyway and it's only a 15 mailbox free license. Most control panels don't add antivirus automatically and require this to be an additional 3rd party software anyway. It's not too tough to install something else which is what most hosts do anyway.

    Btw, after using helm, I have to say that I prefer plesk over helm because:
    1. The typical single server helm license provided by most datacenters doesn't allow for an easy solution for a secondary dns so hopefully you don't need this option or you can afford to implement it.
    2. helm is significantly more confusing than plesk with server administration, setting up the server, resellers vs end users, etc.
    3. Also, when we got our server, the setup wizard didn't even work so we had to manually go through and configure half of the stuff on the server to even get it to work.
    4. Helm didn't come with some pieces of software which plesk already does so we had to manually find some things such as a mail server, anti-virus, etc and install them ourselves.
    5. In addition, an important feature for us was that we have a single control panel for windows as well as linux, but helm is windows only and doesn't support linux.

    Helm looks pretty, but as for functionality for us, it would be toward the bottom of our list right now.
  8. vankel

    vankel Guest

    I've tried to change the httpd.conf file by commenting out the "SSLRequireSSL line in the root directory settings... the end result is, plesk now loads with http, but not with https...

    any one can solve this? i want ppl to use Plesk with both http and https
  9. alex042

    alex042 Guest

    The Plesk CP is running on a different copy of apache than the rest of the website on the server so I don't believe they can share the same ports. But you should be able to change the Plesk port within the cp's apache config file if you need to. You would just add another listening port for standard http because I believe the plesk cp is only listening to 8443 by default. You'll probably have to pick some other port though since 80, 8080, and 443 are already taken by the websites apache and tomcat.
  10. yowling

    yowling Guest

    Just an FYI for anyone reading this forum, Plesk does offer an api that lets you do all kinds of things including autosignup of new users.

    Plesk charges separately for this ability as it is included in the Plesk Expand module. This module claims to come with an XML api for doing all kinds of neat things remotely either through a custom script or billing software.